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Military Aid to Indonesia Must Stop

2nd September 1999

Forwarded from Corso


Today Corso called on US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright to halt all military assistance to Indonesia. This comes in the midst of growing anarchy and violence in the small territory of East Timor that has suffered under Indonesian military rule for the last 23 years.

The United States is a huge donor of mililtary aid to Indonesia, and they along with New Zealand and Australia have always been happy to train and resource the same Indonesian military that is responsible for the formation of the paramilitary militias, currently rampaging through the countryside and towns of East Timor.

"We have urged Madam Albright to use her position to insist that the Indonesians disarm, disband their militias and that the Indonesian military begins a genuine troop withdrawal immediately," Suzanne Menzies-Culling, Corso's National Co-ordinator said from Dunedin today.

"Like many other people around the world we are keeping a very close eye on what is happening there in East Timor now that the ballot has happened. "

Corso has also asked Secretary of State Albright to stongly support the efforts of the UN Secretary General to ensure the security of the Timorese people and of foreign nationals inside East Timor. Indonesia is responsible for their safety and should be roundly condemned for its lack of will to deliver on this commitment.

"The activities of the Indonesian army, police and the paramilitaries has brought shame and disgrace to the Republic of Indonesia", Ms Menzies- Culling concluded.

For further information: Suzanne Menzies-Culling , (03) 477 3395 (w)

Corso - Office of the National Co-ordinator.
P.O. Box 1375.
Aotearoa / New Zealand.
Ph (64) 3 477 3395 Fax(64) 3 474 0736

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