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HELP - East Timor / computers

13 Dec 1999

Kia ora, message forwarded on behalf of ETIC

This is a request for secondhand computers, to be sent to East Timor in January.

You might have contacts who have used computers (for instance, in businesses where they have just updated their computers), or software they don't use anymore (old copies of Word, Windows, Dos, Linux etc), or know of individuals with old equipment, that is still functional.

If so, consider asking them to donate the equipment to this project, the first batch need to be loaded on the Endeavour by Jan 7, but there will most likely be further shipments later next year.

Press Release

East Timor Independence Committee to send computers to help rebuild infrastructure.

13 December 1999 - Immediate Release

Several ETIC members are collecting computers, software and peripherals to send to East Timor, with the help of the NZ Navy who have agreed to carry the first shipment to Dili when the Endeavour sails to Dili in January.

'CNRT to which Joe Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao belong, have requested computers as a specific need in the infrastructure rebuilding effort' says Stuart Sontier, one of the committee members, 'and we are asking businesses, institutions and individuals to donate their used computers and old software.

'We know that companies will often have a cupboard full of computers which have become redundant in an upgrade. These may be of little value in New Zealand, but could be extremely useful in East Timor, where probably 90% of the IT infrastructure has been destroyed or stolen.'

'The equipment will be distributed from Dili by CNRT, and used by local groups. We’re hoping to help the University of Dili with equipment too.'

Interested donors can contact Stuart Sontier:

ph (09) 620 6018

More information at this web site:

* CNRT: National Council for Timor Resistance.

Requested Equipment:

Computers and monitors: mac and pc; Computer and monitor packaging; Spare parts cards, hard drives etc.; Printers; Scanners; Modems; Zip drives; Uninterruptable power supplies; Networking equipment: routers, cabling, network cards, etc; Software Mac and PC Operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux; Spreadsheet and wordprocessing; Database tools; Linux apps; Internet tools.

Link to main East Timor page

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