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Statement by Mothers and Women of Indonesia

8 September 1999

Dear Friends,

Please support this statement written by Mothers and Women of Indonesia (Kaum Ibu dan Seluruh Perempuan Indonesia/SERUNI) concerning the continuing violence in East Timor and other regions of Indonesia. Support of this statement will be presented to Defence Minister/Army Chief General Wiranto during our demonstration on September 10, 1999. If you would like to join us, we shall be in front of the National Museum, at 09.00 AM Western Indonesian Time.

Please send your support to or or fax no. +62.21.725 0588

Thank You,

Titi Soentoro
Solidaritas Perempuan


Contact adress: Jl. Hang Jebat I/3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12120 Telephone: 021-7222377; Fax: 021-7250588

General Wiranto
Minister of Defence
Chief of the Indonesian Army

In view of the continuing bloodshed in East Timor, we, WOMEN of INDONESIA state that we:

1. FEEL SHAME in being a part of nation, now known as a BARBARIC NATION, by allowing the continuation of killings, murders, rapes and torture of other human beings.

2. FEEL SADDENED that the sons and daughters of this nation to whom we gave birth to have become murderers of other human beings and has brought untold of suffering to the families of victims of this violence.

3. FEEL CONCERNED at the growing number of Indonesian military forces sent into the East Timor region and the put Marshal Law into effect as a solution to the current conflict. The presence of the military aggravates the conflict situation and creates more violence.

For the sake of human lives wherever they may be, for the sake of true peace in East Timor and for the sake of the Indonesian nation, we Women of Indonesia demand the government of Indonesia and every rank in the Armed Forces to take responsiblity and

. Immediately END ALL ACTS OF VIOLENCE in East Timor, Aceh, Ambon and Irian; topull back all Indonesian Army personnel sent to end the conflict in said regions.

. Honour the PEOPLE'S CHOICE and HUMAN RIGHTS. To use dialog and give highest priority to human values in finding conflict solutions.

. Give PROTECTION to refuge seekers, of which 90% are women and children, and return their right to live in peace and dignity as a civilized nation.

. Urge women, members of the Dharma Pertiwi to join other Indonesian women in demanding the end of all forms of violence, specifically violence occuring in various regions of conflict.

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