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Vacancy - Office Co-ordinator, East Timor Project

Kia ora, forwarded on behalf of PBI (Aotearoa). The closing date for applications for this position is January 17th.



PBI is seeking applications for the position of Office Co-ordinator for its project currently working with East Timorese in West Timor. The project is also assessing the possibility of future work in the region.

This is a full-time position.


START DATE: As soon as possible, ideally by March 1st, 2000

LOCATION: flexible (the office can be in or near your home)

TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: open-ended; with a review after four months.

SALARY: $1500 US per month ($18,000 US per annum) plus additional to be negotiated based on applicants's qualifications and needs (living costs, dependents).

APPLY TO: Lyn Adamson, by e-mail or by fax c/o PBI-Canada 001 - 416-324-9757 Send resume, letter of application, and three references.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The office co-ordinator position involves working collaboratively with the Project Committee to support the work of the team members in the field, and in other ways support the work of the project. The team currently consists of three volunteers working in West Timor, Indonesia providing accompaniment and other advocacy for the safe return of East Timorese refugees currently living in camps. We anticipate this phase of the project will continue for about six months, with the team expanding to eight members in the near future. The team is assessing options for future work.


PBI was started in 1981. PBI works to create and maintain space for nonviolent dialogue and change in specific situations of conflict. International volunteers provide accompaniment and peace education in response to specific requests from local groups working nonviolently for human rights. PBI had teams in Guatemala and El Salvador (1983-99) and Sri Lanka (1989-97).

Currently PBI has three teams in Colombia, and teams in Haiti, Mexico, and West Timor. We also have links to the Balkan Peace Team. Please check the PBI website: for more information.


*commitment to nonviolence

*commitment to nonpartisanship in the context of this project

*good communication skills:for written communication (reports, proposals) for telephone/e-mail committee/team communication for presentations knowledge of the social/political context for working in Indonesia/East Timor

* good computer skills (much of the work is conducted over email; ability to use or to learn to use pgp and winzip, is needed)

* experience in working in a team setting

* ability to work independently (much work happens by phone and e-mail; supervision and support is from a distance)

* ability to be in daily contact with the team ability to work in English


* experience in international nonviolence and human rights work

* financial management experience

* fundraising experience

* media and outreach experience

* language skills - some Indonesian is an asset

* access to internet-capable computer

* able to work out of your home

* sense of humour (!)


* Providing administration and communication services for the Project Committee including:

co-ordination of meetings, conference calls and the PC listserve, maintaining the PC website, ensuring distribution of minutes, monitoring task completion by PC subcommittees and individual members Providing information for prospective volunteers, responding to media enquiries and other inquiries (including from the International Office and country groups of PBI.)

Facilitating volunteer recruitment, screening and training.

Maintaining the Emergency Response Network Providing personal and administrative support for the team in WT including: Daily contact call with the team.

Co-ordinating the availability of phone contact 24 hours a day.

Acting a link between team members and the Project Committee Assisting with the production and distribution of reports from the team.

Assisting with fundraising for the project.

Monitoring the financial position of the team in conjunction with the treasurer.

Peace Brigades is an equal opportunity employer. We especially encourage women, people of colour, gays, lesbians, bisexual or transgendered, and people with disabilities to apply.

Informal enquiries can be made to Peter Watson

(06) 345 0634

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