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Diary of East Timor Protests

Updated 28/9/99


*** DUNEDIN ***

~ every TUESDAY, FRIDAY AND SUNDAY - the Embassy of East Timor will be open in the Octagon at the following times : Tues and Sun, from 11am to 3pm; Fri from 11am to 8pm. This will continue indefintely, for more info tel CORSO (03) tel (03) 477 3395, fax (03) 474 0736,


*** DUNEDIN *** ~6pm, Rally for East Timor, meet in the Octagon. For more info tel CORSO (03) tel (03) 477 3395, fax (03) 474 0736,



~6pm -meeting to plan further action on East Timor, Peace and Environment Centre, second floor, Trades Hall, 126 Vivian Street.



~ East Timor Relief Concert, 3pm at the Methodist Mission, 309 Durham St, cnr Chester St & Durham St, $10 for adults, children free. Tickets available from Corso (206 Barbadoes St), or Piko Wholefoods (cnr Barbados/Kilmore Sts), or Kate Shepard's (145 Manchester St). Bring something to share for afternoon tea, helpers welcome, tel Nikki ph (03) 388-8729. For emergency relief aid in East Timor via the East Timor Relief Association Corso.



~ Public Meeting on East Timor, speaker Tim Howard. Tim went to East Timor as a member of the UN accredited International Federation for East Timor Observer Project, and worked in Baucau supervising the ballot on East Timor's future. He left East Timor on September 8th, without baggage but with life, as the UN pulled out in the face of the military backed terror. 7pm at Crossways community centre, cnr Elizabeth and Brougham Streets, Mount Victoria. More info tel East Timor Action (04) 385 6728.



~ 6pm -meeting to plan further action on East Timor, Peace and Environment Centre, Second Floor, Trades Hall, 126 Vivian Street.


*** DUNEDIN ***

~ 12 noon, rally in the Octagon.


~6pm - meet at Civic Square, march to Indonesian embassy by 7pm. Wear black or white, bring flowers and candles.

*** AUCKLAND ***

~ 6pm - Candlelight Rally in Queen Elizabeth Square to mobilise support for the people of East Timor at their time of crisis and to demand Indonesian troop withdrawal. The Topp Twins will be singing and there will be indigenous East Timorese music interspersed with short speeches.


*** DUNEDIN ***

~ 6pm - Rally in the Octagon.


~ 7-30pm, public meeting 'East Timor - the terror and the challenge' at Knox Hall (28 Bealey Ave) Christchurch. Speakers will include: Joe Davies, East Timor Independence Campaign; Matt Robson and Phil Goff, MPs just returned from East Timor. Organised by the East Timor Independence Campaign Otautahi, contact Joe Davies, tel (03) 366 2803.


~ 12.30pm, meet at Parliament, and march to Department of Foreign Affairs.


*** DUNEDIN ***

~ all day - East Timor embassy, in the Octagon.


~ 6pm -meeting to plan further action on East Timor, Peace and Environment Centre, second floor, Trades Hall, 126 Vivian Street.

*** AUCKLAND ***

~ all day - leafletting at the airport and travel agents to begin the campaign to encourage New Zealanders to "Boycott Travel to Indonesia", "Boycott Bali" and "Boycott Garuda." Contact (09) 376-9098 or 025-275-6099.

~ 12 noon - join East Timorese supporters in the main march against APEC, meet at the corner of K Road and Symonds St.

~ 7pm - public meeting, St Patricks Cathedral (cnr Wyndam and Federal Streets). Speakers: East Timorese in New Zealand East Timor Students Association: Jorge da Conceicao Teme, Joao Martins; Australian Resistance Leader : Joao Carrascalao (CNRT); Nobel Laureat : Jose Ramos Horta.



~ 1pm, meet at the US Embassy (29 Fitzherbert Tce, off Hobson St, Thorndon) to protest the involvement of the US government in the killings in East Timor, Iraq and elsewhere. While Clinton and other US government officials are in the country for APEC, show your opposition to their global thuggery. Contact tel 385 6728.

*** AUCKLAND ***

~ 12 noon, Outdoor Church Service "Stations of the Cross" (Around the Aotea Centre) meet at the Methodist Central Mission.

~ 4pm - join with East Timorese supporters in the main anti-APEC rally, at the Albert Park Rotunda .


*** AUCKLAND ***

~ SAT, 11 Sept - protest against the situation in East Timor, 8 pm - gathering point at the Ferry Terminal, downtown Auckland. Organised by ETIC, tel 09 376-9098,

*** DUNEDIN ***

~from 7am Saturday until Tuesday - opening of the East Timor Embassy - continual presence in the Octagon, disseminating information, collecting signatures for the Caritas petition and so on. Contact Corso, tel (03) 477 3395,


*** AUCKLAND ***

~ 12 noon to 2pm - vigil outside Methodist Central Mission, Queen Street (oppposite Town Hall).

~ 2pm - Jose Ramos Horta - Press Conference at Aotea Chapel.

~ 6pm to 7-30pm - vigil outside Methodist Central Mission.


~ 4.30pm to 6pm - vigil in the Catholic Cathedral .

~ 6pm to 12 midnight - vigil at Indonesian embassy, 70 Glen Rd, Kelburn - bring candles, warm clothes, banners etc.

*** DUNEDIN ***

~ 12 noon - rally in the Octagon; public meeting after the rally to set up a working group to co-ordinate ongoing activity on East Timor.


*** AUCKLAND ***

~ 10 am - meet at Auckland Town Hall where foreign ministers are having discussions on East Timor.

~ 5pm, vigil, outisde Methodist Central Mission.


~ 12 noon - East Timor Vigil on the City Council steps in Palmerston North.


~ from 12 noon outside parliament there will be petition-signing to the United States and British Governments to call on them to go beyond merely making statements of condemnation about the violence in East Timor.


*** EVERYWHERE - churches in Auckland have picked up on the idea of ringing their bells every hour on the hour tomorrow (Thursday) during the Foreign Minister's meeting in Auckland and also during the weekend when the APEC leaders meet to draw attention to the plight of the people of East Timor - please contact your local church and ask them to do the same. The idea is to get churches all around the country ringing their bells at the same time as a gesture of solidarity and outrage.

*** DUNEDIN ***

~ WEDS, 8 Sept - East Timor Solidarity Action - Candle Light vigil and rally for East Timor, 5.30pm - 9.00pm The Upper Octagon. If is raining, meet in Age Concern's rooms in the Lower Octagon. For more info contact : Corso, tel (03) 477 3395, Fax (03) 474 0736


~ WEDS, 8 Sept - demonstration at 12:30pm in Victoria Square with the aim of pressing for immediate armed intervention in East Timor. Further details from Joe Davies (03) 366 2803 or (03) 382 9118.


~ WEDS, 8 Sept - meet 12 noon at the Seddon Statue, Parliament grounds.It is to call for an end to the violation of human rights in East Timor, and to call on our Government and the international community to wait no longer, but to go into East Timor to protect the Timorese.

It will be calling for East Timor and Human Rights to be formally put onto the offical APEC agenda for the leaders' meeting.

A focus will be on things people can do as members of the public to send these messages and make these calls.

*** AUCKLAND ***

~ WEDS, 8 Sept - protest re the situation in East Timor, 12 noon, march to remember the dead, down Queen St from the Trade Aid shop (177 Karangahape Rd). Organised by ETIC, tel 09 376-9098,



* 12 noon - protest outside the Indonesian Embassy.

* 1pm - rally at parliament with Matt Robson, Phil Goff and other speakers.

Both organised by Caritas.


East Timor Action Draft Letter

2 September, 1999

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Jenny Shipley
Parliament Buildings

Dear Ms Shipley


We the undersigned express our horror at the failure of the Indonesian government, their armed forces and police, to uphold the solemn commitments given to the United Nations and Portugal on the 5 May 1999, to ensure [a] secure environment devoid of violence or other forms of intimidation for the holding of a free and fair ballot in East Timor.

Church sources now report that East Timor is descending into anarchy. Militias now control the harbour, airport and streets of Dili, are stealing vehicles, and stopping people at random. Roadblocks leave towns under siege and people are again fleeing to the mountains and bush. International observers and journalists have fled to two heavily guarded hotels. Catholic parishes are overflowing with Timorese seeking shelter and the Church fears that the Catholic radio station, one of few sources of impartial information may be burned. There are 165 Timorese currently sheltering in the station building.

In the light of the failure of Indonesian Police and Armed Forces to prevent pro-integration militia groups from bearing arms in public; from intimidating, obstructing, seizing and beating East Timorese people, international observers, journalists, and United Nations (UNAMET) staff; or from escalating their campaign of terror and killings in Timor:

We urgently request that you, as the leader of a government committed to the cause of human rights internationally, call in the Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand, in order to express your deepest outrage at the situation which is being allowed to occur in East Timor, and to request that the Indonesian Government immediately invite an international peace-keeping force into East Timor to provide the security which its own forces have proven unwilling to ensure.

We ask that this matter be treated with the utmost urgency by the New Zealand Government.

The courage and determination of the East Timorese people to express their right to self-determination, as evidenced by the extraordinary turnout for both registration and voting during the consultation has been Timorís brightest moment for the past 24 years. The acquiescence to, and indeed fomenting of, violence by pro-integration militias threatens to end this hope, so human and yet so fragile, in renewed bloodshed and deeper suffering.

We are profoundly saddened that the killing of Timorese UNAMET staff in the days since the ballot has not brought the level of international outrage it demands.

We ask what needs to happen before the international community will act?


Anne Dickinson, Caritas Aotearoa

Signed by individual representatives of a further 40 peace, social justice, church and human rights groups in Aotearoa / NZ.


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