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East Timor - protests

6 September 1999

Part 1 - Wellington, part 2 Auckland.


You will by now have heard that the first wave of post-ballot massacres has begun. East Timor is in deep deep trouble. The Indonesian military are now openly massacring Timorese along with their paramilitaries thugs. There is no sanctuary in East Timor. Even Bishop Belo's residence is under attack, as is the UN HQ. Journalists are evacuating, as are many UN observers. Reports tally hundreds dead and more injured. The roads to the West of Dili apparently are lined with dead. The reports from throughout the territory are all very bad.

Tomorrow (Tues 7th Sept) there will be a demonstration in Parliament grounds, sponsored by Matt Robson and Phil Goff of the Alliance and Labour parties. It will be at 1pm before the House sits at 2pm. Please tell all your contacts and networks. We encourage others throughout the country to join with us in calling for an armed UN peacekeeping force to go immediately into East Timor, and for Indonesia to be got out immediately.


Louise May


AUCKLAND - LATER THIS WEEK, for protest details contact Maire Leadbeater, see end of this message

4 September, 1999.

MEDIA RELEASE: East Timor Independence Committee welcomes the birth of a new nation and calls for UN peacekeeping force. APEC protests planned.

The overwhelming vote in support of independence in East Timor is a victory for the courageous people of East Timor. Their victory is an inspiring affirmation of the principles of democracy and justice.

"Our celebration is tempered by deep fearfulness for the people who remain subject to the militia gangs and their bloody reign of terror. Latest reports describe ongoing militia rampages and the torching of homes," said Maire Leadbeater speaking for the East Timor Independence Committee.

"We plan a series of peaceful yet passionate demonstrations during the visit of Indonesia's President Habibie to Auckland for the APEC Summit."

"We call on the New Zealand Government to take urgent initiatives to ensure that a United Nations peacekeeping force is sent to East Timor this weekend. The United Nations and other western nations are now discussing a peacekeeping deployment - New Zealand must help to ensure that there is no more delay and no more innocent Timorese deaths."

"We also call on our Government to insist that Indonesia release jailed resistance leader Xanana Gusmao, so that he can be in East Timor to help with the process of the reconciliation and the reconstruction of the shattered territory."

"The New Zealand Government must use its relationship with Indonesia to press for the withdrawal of all Indonesian troops from East Timor, and for the immediate disarming of the militia groups."

"Indonesia now stands condemned not only for its 24 year brutal occupation of East Timor but also for its blatant collusion with the forces of darkness who kill and terrorise with impunity."

"Now it the turn of the people of East Timor - in the words of the New Zealand East Timor Students Association : 'There should be no more pro-independence or pro-autonomy, but pro the people of Timor Lorosae.

This is the most critical of stage ---- let us hand in hand address peace and justice for the people. Let us support the East Timorese leaders to construct the foundation of the newly borned country.' " (Jorge da ConceicaoTeme and Aurelio Guterres)

for further information:

Maire Leadbeater:
East Timor Independence Committee,
P.O. Box 68-419,
New Zealand.

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