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Remaining women released from parliamentary detention, NCWF

25 June 2000

An Initiative of the National Council of Women Fiji

Media Statment

Suva, Fiji Islands

The National Council of Women Fiji (NCWF) welcomes the release of the remaining four women hostages today (Sunday 25 June).

However the Council through it's Women's Action For Democracy and Peace Committee continues its call for a positive resolution to the 'Muanikau Accord' which should then pave the way for the release of the remainder of the hostages.

"Yesterday during our 12 hour Vigil, it was very disappointing for many of the family members, their friends and supporters when the breakdown in talks was announced. However, we are hoping that the resumption of talks later today, will lead to the safe and immediate release of the remaining 27 detained Members of Parliament."

Women's Action for Democracy and Peace: Principles and Purpose

Based on the Mission Statement of the NCWF which recalls our membership's multi ethnic diversity as a strength of our organisation, and the principles of human rights and democracy which we are called upon to uphold as members of the Council. The Daily Peace Vigil and Women-in-Community action has brought together women, men and children in a peaceful demonstration and with a collective and unified voice :

  • To denounce the actions of May 19th 2000,
  • To call for the immediate and safe release of the hostages held at Parliament,
  • To call for the restoration of the democratic process as outlined in the 1997 Constitution,
  • To reaffirm the need for all Fiji Islanders to unify in peaceful solidarity for the future of our country.

Index Page on the Armed Coup in Fiji

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