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Hikoi Takutaimoana II - the second foreshore and seabed hikoi
On Hikoi Tuarua

11 October 2004

A second hikoi has been scheduled to protest against the Foreshore and Seabed Bill on October 16 in Tamaki Makaurau. We are gathering at Mayoral Drive at 9.00 am and we are fortunate again to be led in this assertion of our rights by our toa from Matarae i o Rehu and a number of other prominent kapa haka exponents.

The Hikoi is being supported by all factions of the Maori world with support from prominent Pakeha and Pacific Island Leaders. The day will be a celebration of our role as tangata whenua in this part of Te Moana nui a Kiwa and will end with a concert at Takaparawha which will have Ruia Aperahama as the MC and a number of significant performing artists; hip hop bands and groups performing for us inbetween inspirational speeches from Tariana Turia; Mereana Pittman; Hone Harawira; Te Ururoa Flavell; Margaret Mutu; Annette Sykes and Moana Jackson to name but a few.

A second hikoi at this time could have real significance; with United Future withdrawing their support from the Select Committee, and increasing attention being given to alternative models of ownership, it may be possible to exert sufficient political pressure to have the legislation changed or abandoned. As I'm sure you're all aware, this Bill extinguishes Maori property rights in the foreshore and seabed without consultation or compensation- these rights exist now in law and fact and will be unilaterally removed if this Bill proceeds.

All the diplomatic and polite avenues have been traversed - we have stated our objections at the supposed consultation hui last year, restated them to the Select Committee, and some of us, directly to our MP(s). There are no further formal democratic processes with which we can engage. The only option remaining, and perhaps the best option throughout, is people power. This is particularly so in light of the meanspirited representations by the New Zealand government to the call from the United Nations for a please explain following complaints from Taranaki; Te Ope Mana a Tai and Ngai Tahu.

If you are looking for inspiration or motivation to get involved in this issue - the Bill is wrong in every sense (unnecessary, impracticable, uninformed, ill considered etc etc) and is likely to be used as precedent for other natural resources - it represents a return to the travesties of the past - confiscatory practices and suppression of tikanga.

The time has come again for us to stand united against the Governments’ proposed Bill to put our foreshore and seabed into Crown ownership. The Select Committee is nearing the completion of their process and it is time to act again. So nau mai haere mai to a hui where you can listen, express yourself and talk about where we are heading with this challenge. We must keep our fires lit lest we be extinguished and forgotten.

Annette Sykes

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