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Church standing behind Tuhoe

8 November 2007

Maori Anglicans are demanding the government and the police apologise to Ngai Tuhoe for the anti-terror raid on Ruatoki.

A meeting of the Maori Synod in Christchurch on the weekend condemned the raid and the trauma, fear, terror and humiliation experienced by the Tuhoe people.

Te Kitohi Pikaahu, the Bishop of Te Tai Tokerau, says the church can't stand by when human rights are being ignored.

"The church in the past has always stood for justice, and if itís the church or if itís Maoridom generally who are going to raise the issues about social justice for Maori and for all of us, well the church will stand up for that," he says.

Bishop Pikaahu says the motion was seconded by a Ruatoki Anglican minister, Awanui Timutimu, who was caught up in last month's raid.

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