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Anger grows over police raids

27 October 2007

Eleven days on and the anger at the so-called terror raids is continuing to mount.

Saturday saw another round of nationwide protests and instead losing interest in the cause, numbers are growing and emotions are running high.

"We've got a very strong message here from the people of Auckland - from people right throughout New Zealand, and the world," says protester John Minto.

A large crowd gathered in Auckland's city centre and marched to Mount Eden jail, where most of those arrested are being held on remand.

Along the way there was a show of solidarity for Tuhoe Maori and Tame Iti, one of those still in custody.

It was the same message in Wellington, where numbers were also up on last week's protest. They echoed the call for unity.

"By picking out Tuhoe; by picking out Ureweras, it is a kind of strategy to divide different communities - something we need to be careful about and try to stick together," says protester, Dr Maria Bargh.

There were also protests in Christchurch but this day of action isn't just confined to New Zealand. Demonstrations are also planned for Melbourne and London.

They want the terrorist laws abandoned. One man now out on bail, Rongamai Bailey, says their colleagues should be released now.

"I'm not a terrorist and the guys in Mount Eden are not terrorists," says Bailey.

Until police show their hand this issue is unlikely to go away. "The government will ignore this movement at its peril," says Minto.

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