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"Repeal the terrorism legislation":
add your name to the Dominion Post advert

Deadline: 3 November 2007

Following an initial e-mail sent to our networks seeking support for action to express our opposition to the police raids under the guise of the suppression of terrorism,we have been very encouraged by the response. After further discusion and having regard to your many comments we have decided to place a half page add in the Dominion Post, this being we believe the paper most read by the politicians. We are also constrained by the very high costs of newspaper adds so at this point we don't plan to dupicate the ad in other papers. Also we see this as an initial action which may encourage further activities on our part or in support of other groups. The following is the text of the ad:

"Repeal the anti -terrorism legislation

We have spent our lives ... organising, educating, debating, protesting, singing, writing, leafleting, picketing, marching, publishing, speaking in public, persuading, dissenting. We support everyone's right to improve our world through non-violent protest. It's part of being a New Zealander. It's not terrorism, it's democratic dissent.

And we remember ... Parihaka, the women's suffrage marches, the miners' strikes, the waterfront lockout, the Manapouri Campaign, Bastion Point, the anti nuclear protests, the Springbok tour, land hikoi, GE free campaigns, the foreshore and seabed hikoi. This is our history, and as New Zealanders it makes us proud!

Signed by ...

We call on government to repeal the anti terrorism legislation!"

As Parliament is not sitting next week we hope to place the ad during the week commencing November 5th.

The cost of a 1/2 page add is $8,000. This requires a contribution of about $90.00 per person based on the responses so far. However we of course would be extremely pleased to receive any amount you can afford.

We ask that people complete the little form here indicating the precise name or names you wish to include in the ad and the amount you can contribute.

Please make payment to Mana Leftovers, c/o Pat Hanley, 76 Rawhiti Road, Pukerua Bay, Porirua.

Please circulate to your networks and anyone you think may wish to express their support in this way.

Mana Leftovers is a group of seasoned activitists in the Porirua/Kapiti area who are supporting this initiative.

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