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Peace Movement Aotearoa

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Issued 30 March 1999

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Dear Friends,

We have written to the NATO Headquarters and to the members of the UN Security Council. Pelase use this statement to ask your government, if it is a member of NATO, to take urgent action to stop the bombing in Yugoslavia.

Lohes Rajeswaran

Geneva, 25 March 1999

Open letter to
Governments of NATO member states
Members of the UN Security Council

Dear Excellencies,
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom is outraged over the aerial bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by NATO forces. We call for an immediate halt to this aggression against a sovereign UN Member State and for withdrawal of NATO forces from the region.

We also call on the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to halt its brutal attacks against the population of Kosovo and order its forces to return to their barracks.

We call on the Security Council of the United Nations to take its responsibility under the United Nations Charter and undertake a genuine process of negotiation and mediation of the conflict with the aim of assisting the search for a solution that allows all the citizens of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to live in safety and to rebuild the country in the interests of all. The military action by NATO only adds more death and destruction to an already badly damaged population without finding and eliminating the root causes of the conflict.

Surely, the experience of the past few years has shown clearly that military actions do not resolve the deeply-rooted conflicts we are witnessing in different regions of the world, whether they be internal or across borders. It is high time for the Security Council to take truly peaceful approaches to the solution of today's conflicts. It requires a genuine desire to assist all sides involved in a conflict, use of skilled mediators and patience.

We urge you to bring pressure to bear on those engaged in military action to halt it and for the United Nations institutions to use all its skills and means to bring genuine peace to the Balkan region.

Furthermore, we wish to point out that the decision by NATO to go to war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia shows an appalling disrespect its members have for the global institutions, whose mandates are based on international treaties and agreements. We are alarmed and deeply concerned about the consequences this action may have for the future development of civilized relations, based on equality among nations and on values rooted in the Charter of the United Nations.


Bruna Nota

Return to the "Stop the NATO Bombing" Alert. Barbara Lochbihler
Secretary General Geneva, Switzerland.

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