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Iraq - ninth anniversary

17 January 2000

Kia ora,

Today is the ninth anniversary of the war against the people of Iraq. This war has been carried out primarily by the US and British governments (with the support of others including previous NZ governments) - starting with the Gulf War, and then nine years of devastating economic sanctions as well as regular cruise missile attacks and aerial bombing raids. The effects of the sanctions alone have resulted in the deaths of more than 1.5 million Iraqi people since 1991, most of them children. Children continue to die at the rate of more than 4,500 each month as a result of diseases of malnutrition, insanitary conditions and the lack of even the most basic medical supplies.

For more information about this genocidal situation see PMA's alert: 'Stop Killing the People of Iraq'.

For a succinct recent report of the situation in Iraq, see in particular 'Worsening public health crisis in Iraq' (16 December 1999). For a report on the latest trip by the US sanctions-busting group Iraq Sanctions Challenge III, who are currently taking two million dollars of medical aid to the people of Iraq, check out :


1) It is crucially important that you write to the new NZ government and ask them to :

a) stop supporting / speak out against the economic sanctions and any military attacks on the people of Iraq;

b) make a commitment to desist in future from sending any NZ armed forces personnel or vessels to enforce the sanctions or take part in any US led attack on Iraq;

c) work in such international forums as the United Nations to have the sanctions lifted as soon as possible to remove all restrictions on the importation of food and medicine, and that humanitarian aid be provided immediately on a scale sufficient to remedy the destruction caused by the sanctions and attacks on the people of Iraq over the past nine years.

Contact details :

i) government :

* Letters - all letters should be addressed to the relevant person and posted (no stamp needed) to Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

* Phone calls and faxes (all to be prefixed by 04 by those of you out of Wellington) -

~ Helen Clark, Prime Minister, office - tel 471 9998, fax 473 3579;
~ Jim Anderton, Deputy Prime Minister, office - tel 471 9011, fax 495 8441;
~ Phil Goff, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, office - tel 471 9370, fax 495 8444;
~ The Cabinet (collectively), office - tel 471 9743, fax 472 6332.

* ideally you should send a copy of your correspondence to Graham Kelly, who has been very supportive of efforts to oppose the sanctions, fax 472 7036 (shared fax machine, please mark clearly for Graham’s attention); to Matt Robson, Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, fax 495 8462; to the Green Party Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Keith Locke, Green's office, fax 472 6003; and a copy of your correspondence and of any replies to PMA for our files.

ii) You could also write to the national / nationally distributed media :Christchurch Press, fax (03) 364 8492,; Dominion, fax (04) 4740257; Evening Post, fax; (04) 474 0237,; New Zealand Herald, fax (09) 373 6434,; Sunday Star Times, fax (09) 309 0258; Press Association, fax (04) 473 7480; Radio New Zealand, fax (04) 473 0185; Listener, fax (09) 360 3831,

2) Diplomatic Representatives :

a) you could write to the new US ambassador giving her your views on the US government’s policy towards Iraq - Ms Carol Mosley-Braun, US Embassy, PO Box 1190, Wellington; tel (04) 472 2068; fax (04) 471 2380 or 472 9804;

b) you could also write to the British High Commissioner and give him your views on the British government’s policy towards Iraq - Mr Martin Williams, British High Commission, PO Box 1812, Wellington; tel (04) 472 6049; fax (04) 473 4982.

In both instances ask them to forward your letter / message as a matter of urgency to their respective governments.

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