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Le Mouvement de la Paix (French Peace Movement)

Peace Movement Aotearoa

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Saint Ouen, the 24th of March 1999.

We tell it solemny, it is not by adding war to war, dead people to dead people, that the international community will stop in the long term the violent and répressive policy organised in Kosovo by the dictator Milosevic which destroys villages and increases refugee files. A significant event is about to happen - for the first time in Europe since the end of the "Cold War", a group of countries is going to make some bombing over another one without UNO permission.

Violence can only worsen civilian population situation, both Serbs and Kosovar. Bombing will not solve any trouble, on the contrary, a new place of distress and destruction will settle in Europe. Everybody knows, even those who try to justîfy this action on the pretence that NATO and the European nations could not lose face : BARBARISM WILL NEVER JUSTIFY BARBARISM.

NATO bombings are significant of a failure in the simplistic diplomacy directed by "a big stick" and a "Tomahawk" under the pressure of the US and NATO.

While the ceritury is coming to an end, it's absolutely unbellevable to tell that everything has falied, that it's too late to find a pacific and negotiated solution to the conflict. There is no "last chance" but a lack of political détermination. Anything must be done for a different solution.

We don't have to choose between NATO everywhere and for everybody, and a militarised Europe, but to choose between a laid down security and a shared security. It's time for us to implement a real European Charter about Security between every country of the continent, Russia included. This Charter still exists at OSCE's office, It has to be adopted by the end of the year during OSCE's Summit and shall be the basement for conflict prévention and a longing peace ail over Europe for the century coming up.

Le Mouvement de la Paix asks the President and the First Minister of our country to intervene : - to postpone bombings and its dreadful conséquences over Serb-and Kosovar civilians. - to start again and in emergency a new negotiation, somewhere else, with a participation of all the countries of OSCE (Organisation for Security and Go-operation in Europe), Russia included, or in the framework of the UNO, in order to obtain at once a cease-fire from Serb police and army, and In order to complete and to go into Rambouillet plan more closely.

Le Mouvement de la Paix is calling any peace group, associations, individuels, who wish international relations freed from domination and rather based on peaceful co-operations to go on and explain around them the danger of such a situation, to express their will to postpone the bombings and any fighting, and to find a solution for a longing peace, to send messages to the French government, to get in touch and gather in the next days. As far as Le Mouvement de la Paix is concerned, we cail any pacifist to gather the 4th of April in STRASBOURG during the European gathering organised by the Germen and the French Peace Movement in order to bulid a Europe free of weapons, a Europe of peace and solidarity.

24th of March 1999.

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