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Booking form for people staying on Tapu Te Ranga marae

You, your children, your family, your friends are all welcome to stay with the PeacePacific people on Tapu Te Ranga marae from 23 to 31 March 2001. Please fill in one form for each person.






  • I am planning on staying the following nights (tick relevant box below):

    [ ] Friday, 23 March [ ] Tuesday, 27 March
    [ ] Saturday, 24 March [ ] Wednesday, 28 March
    [ ] Sunday, 25 March [ ] Thursday, 29 March
    [ ] Monday, 26 March [ ] Friday, 30 March

  • I will be paying the: (tick one option) [ ] low waged rate of $30 per person per day or
    [ ] waged rate of $45 per person per day. These prices include sleeping space on the marae, simple breakfast, sandwich lunch and dinner.

  • I wish to have my own room on the marae at an additional $5 per day, tick here [ ]. There are a limited number of rooms, so book soon if this is what you'd like.

  • Children - prices by negotiation. Please list the names and ages of all children who will be coming with you:

  • Special needs - please list any special needs here:

  • Dietary requirements:   [ ] vegan   [ ] vegetarian   [ ] other __________________

  • Subsidies: there are a limited number of subsidies available to reduce the costs for people wishing to stay on Tapu Te Ranga. If you wish to apply for a subsidy for your costs, please tick here [ ] then fill in and return this form along with the following information (which is to be no more than two A4 sides in total):

      i) a brief history of your involvement in peace work / or why you wish to become involved;
      ii) how you will benefit from attending;
      iii) what you will contribute to PeacePacific and other NGO events around the conference;
      iv) tell us why you need a subsidy.
Enclosed is payment of $ __________ ( my deposit of $5 per day for ____ days).

I would also like to make a donation of $ __________ towards the costs of PeacePacific.

Total enclosed $ ____________.

Cheque to be made payable to WILPF. Receipts will be sent for all payments unless you tick here [ ].

Please either print off this form, fill it in and post to PeacePacific, PO Box 9314, Wellington or fax to (04) 382 8173; or copy and paste it into your email software, fill it in and email to If you have faxed or emailed the form, please post your deposit of $5 per day as soon as possible with a note saying who it is from.

Thank you.

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