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'Negligent Neighbour: New Zealand's complicity in
the invasion and occupation of Timor-Leste'

by Maire Leadbeater

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"For almost a quarter century from 1975-1999 the people of East Timor lived and died under Indonesia's colonial yoke. During this time East Timor lost a quarter of its population and its people endured daily violence and fear. Against all the odds East Timor's resistance survived. Indonesia relied on western support for both the invasion and occupation of East Timor, but New Zealand's role is often forgotten or mentioned only in passing.

What happened in East Timor tells us much about how the modern world is ordered, and where the true source of modern terrorism lies. Maire Leadbeater's outstanding book carefully documents the often secret role played by New Zealand governments, and the opportunities that were wantonly lost. John Pilger

Maire Leadbeater combines activism for peace and human rights with her employment as a social worker. She is the Spokesperson for the Auckland based Indonesia Human Rights Committee, and in the 1990s she was a prominent campaigner for East Timor's independence. Prior to that she took a leading role in New Zealand's anti-nuclear movement. Her writing and lobbying is motivated by the conviction that New Zealand's foreign policy must change direction away from narrow 'selfinterest' to principled advocacy for peace and justice."

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