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Sign-on: Nuclear waste shipments, Pacific solidarity statement


5 February 2001

Kia ora,

we have received the following sign-on statement from the PCRC (Secretariat of the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific movement) with the request that it be circulated here in Aotearoa and to other Pacific lists. Please feel free to pass it on.

If you wish to sign-on to the statement, please send your sign-on (name of group, town, city and country) to

Statement from the Peoples of the Pacific

"Our waters are sacred waters which sustain all life forms. The sea is where all life comes from. The ocean unites us all, as peoples of the Pacific. Our ancestors cared for these life forms, respected them and were their guardians. They are our guardians still." (Statement from the Third NGO Parallel Forum, Rarotonga, Cook Islands).

WE, the Peoples of the Pacific are appalled that Japan, France and Britain continue to disrespect our desire for a Nuclear Free Pacific by continuing to ship nuclear materials through our seas.

WE condemn this violation against our main source of sustenance - the sea.

WE call on Australia to join other Pacific nations in speaking out against this atrocious act.

WE call on Pacific governments to strengthen and ratify the Waigani Convention and Rarotonga Treaty to halt the use of the Pacific Ocean as a nuclear highway.

WE call on Pacific governments and territories to enact national legislations that will exclude plutonium and other nuclear ships from their 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

We, the undersigned plead that you will listen to our plea.

1. Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, Suva, Fiji

2. Young Women's Naturalist Group (Ecochicks), Suva, Fiji

3. NGO Youth Network, Suva, Fiji

4. Peace Movement Aotearoa, Aotearoa / New Zealand







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