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Just Peace? Conference Proceedings now available

8 August 2000

Kia ora, forwarded on behalf of the organisers of the 'Just Peace?' Conference organisers, these proceedings are an awesome resource, 321 A4 pages packed with information, ideas and reflections. An absolute bargain at only $25 per copy !

'Just Peace?' Conference Proceedings now available

The Massey University Centre for Justice and Peace Development is pleased to announce that the 'Just Peace?' conference proceedings are now available for purchase, at a cost of (NZ)$25 (including GST and postage and packaging).

To whet your appitite, included below is an outline of the contents, in addition to the basic background information to the collection.


'Just Peace? Peacemaking and Peacebuilding for the New Millennium: Conference Proceedings'. Warwick Tie (Ed).


‘Just Peace?’ is the set of conference proceedings on peacemaking and peacebuilding from the conference of the same name, hosted by Massey University (Auckland) in April 2000. The proceedings will be of interest to practitioners, policy makers, and researchers involved in justice and peace-related activities.

ISBN: 0-473-06963-6   Format:  xii, 321 p. Publisher:  Centre for Justice and Peace Development, Massey University Price: $25 (inc GST and P&P)


  • Keynote addresses:
    Opening speech: The Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Hardie Boys; Partners or Adversaries?
    Judge Fred McElrea; The Healing of Memory.
    Sir Paul Reeves; The Development of International Criminal Law.
    Prof. Roger Clark; Journey to Belonging. Prof. Howard Zehr.
  • Plenary addresses:
    The Spiritual Basis of Peacemaking: Ms Helen Steven;
    Community Empowerment Perspectives in Restorative Justice Practice: Rev.Douglas Mansill
    Peace In Customary Terms: Hon. Justice Eddie Durie;
    Peacemaking, Peacebuilding, and the Media: Prof. Judy McGregor
    New Zealand and the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes: Sir Kenneth Keith
    The Role of NGOs in the Development and Implementation of International Law: Mr. Alyn Ware and Dr. Kate Dewes;
    Bougainville Women for Peace and Freedom: Ms. Josephine Sirivi
    Living up to the Pacific Promise: New Zealand's Role in Peace-building in our Neighbourhood: Mr Simon Nicholson and Mr. Stephen Hooper
    The Role of Religion in Conflict Resolution: A Case Study. Prof. Gerald Pillay
  • Workshop presentations:
    Educating Young People for a Peaceful and Just Society
    Deconstructing bullying in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Disclosing its Liberal and Colonial Connections
    Restorative Justice in Prisons:Prison Fellowship of New Zealand/Sycamore Tree Project
    Restorative Justice Empowerment
    Theories of Restorative Justice Where There's a Will There is Mediation: Committees, the Impact of Conflict and Positive Ways of Working Together
    Values Education: The Living Values School Development Project; Gun Control: Myths and Realities
    A Quaker Journey to Indonesia
    Indonesia: Restorative Justice for Healing a Divided Society; Should East Timor Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
    Justice and Ethnic Religious Conflict
    Peacebuilding: Challenges and Promises in Democracy Consolidation in Malawi
    A Search for Peace and Justice in Papua New Guinea: Can the Study of Peace Make a Difference?
    Time to Abolish War
    The TRC Contributions to Restorative Justice in South Africa;
    Peace Brigades International: Making Space for Peace
    Political Ethnicity in Africa, Democratisation, Governance and Accountability: In Search of Sustainable Peace Amongst Ethnic Societies in Africa
    The Role of NGOs in the Context of Conflict
    The Role of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War in Moves Seeking Peace
    On the Same Side: Communication Across Diversity; The Irony of Restorative Justice
    Restorative Justice: Has it Potential for Dealing with Domestic Violence?
    One People; One Earth: A Deep Ecology Workshop
    Parenting for Peace: Families and Foundations
    Vipassana: A Meditation for Everyday Life;
    Forgiveness Can Be Painful
    Reflections from the Youth Stream.
  • Poetry:
    Origins: David Colbert
    Anzac Day, Devonport: Kevin Ireland
    Waters at Baiae: Bernard Brown
    Toward a common tenderness: Rosemary Menzies
    Parables with a four coloured bowl: Riemke Ensing
    that the child is the father: Denys Trussell.

How to get your copy

Copies can be ordered through:
Dr. Warwick Tie or
post to Dr. Warwick Tie,
Centre for Justice and Peace Development,
School of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Massey University,
Private Bag 102 904,
North Shore Mail Centre,
Aotearoa/New Zealand

If paying by credit card, please supply the following information:

  1. card type (eg Visa, Mastercard, etc)
  2. card number
  3. name on card
  4. expiry date

Alternatively, please indicate if you wish to have an invoice sent with the order.

Reports from 'Just Peace ?’ conference, 10 May 2000


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