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New Zealand's Universal Periodic Review
Fourth Cycle: 46th UPR session, April - May 2024

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Please scroll down this page for NGO submissions, statements and briefings for the 46th UPR session; the link to the Geneva Pre-Session NGO statements; and the link to NZ Human Rights Commission submission, statement and factsheets.

• NGO Submissions, Statements and Briefings

  • Aotearoa Independent Monitoring Mechanism for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, October 2023 and March 2024: Covers constitutional arrangements, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, National Action Plan on the UN Declaration, and Indigenous peoples' rights, including the right of self-determination
        UPR Submission, October 2023   Annex: Annual Monitoring Report, July 2023
        UPR Statment, March 2024

  • Combined NGO Statement: Peace Movement Aotearoa et al, February 2024: Covers constitutional and legislative framework, economic and social rights, human rights and climate change, right to health, Indigenous peoples' rights, disability rights, mass detention of migrants and asylum seekers, family violence and migrant women, acceptance of international norms, and NZ's voluntary pledge
        Combined NGO Statement   Statement Recommendations
        Information and recommendations about NZ's Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan, and the proposed changes to the Arms Act are available from Peace Movement Aotearoa
  • Community Law Centres o Aotearoa, October 2023 and March 2024: Covers women's rights, migrant exploitation, housing, social welfare, immigration, workers’ rights, disability rights and education (Disputes Resolution Panels)
        Joint UPR Submission   Summary of Recommendations
        Statement, March 2024
  • ECPAT Child Alert and Te Whāriki Whakaaro o ngā Kaimahi Taiohi , October 2023: Covers human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children
        Joint UPR Submission
  • National Council of Women of New Zealand, February 2024: Covers fair pay, Māori Health Authority, smokefree legislation, spending on health initiatives for women and children, prevention of family and sexual violence, hate speech and online safety laws, ratification of the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement
        Briefing Paper
  • Peace Movement Aotearoa, October 2023 and February 2024: Submission covers acceptance of international norms, the combined NGO statment covers a range of issues
        UPR Submission   Combined Statement 2024   Media release
  • Wairarapa Moana ki Pouākani Incorporation, October 2023 and February 2024: Covers Indigenous peoples' rights and justice
        UPR Submission   Factsheet 2024   Statement 2024
  • Wakatū Incorporation, February 2024: Covers Indigenous poeples' rights, including the right to land, territories and resources, and the right to redress
  • All NGO submissions for New Zealand's 4th UPR are available here   The OHCHR compilation of stakeholders’ submissions is avilable here.

• NGO presentations at Pre-Sessional meetings, 13 February and 7 March 2024

  • More NGO statements and presentations at the Wellington Pre-Sessional meeting on 7 March are available here
  • More NGO statements and presentations at the Geneva Pre-Sessional meeting on 13 February are available here Scroll down to 'Civil Society Materials', then tap the 'Pre-session Statement' drop down tab

• NZ Human Rights Commission Submission, Statements and Factsheets

  • NZ Human Rights Commission (NZHRC) materials for the 4th UPR cycle are available here Scroll down to 'Resources' section for the NZHRC UPR submission, statement on 13 February 2024, and factsheets on issues around detention, Treaty of Waitangi, violence and abuse, and workers' rights

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