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Volunteers for East Timor Indonesia Project

21 July 2000

Forwarded on behalf of Peace Brigades International

Volunteer Committee Position
Indonesia and East Timor Project
Peace Brigades International

Peace Brigades is seeking applications for committee and subcommittee members for its project currently working with a team of international volunteers in West Timor. The project is in the process of establishing teams in Aceh, Jakarta, and East Timor.

Committee members should be prepared to spend 7 hours per week in work related to this volunteer position. Subcommittee members should be prepared to spend 4 hours per week.

Application deadline: August 30th, 2000 (first round)
September 30th (second round)

Start date: As soon as possible, ideally by September 1st, 2000

Location: flexible; committee members can be located anywhere in the world that has reliable telephone and email connections. There can be some benefit to being in a location with a PBI country group. We are looking to diversify the location of our committee membership, and are particularly seeking members from European and Australia/Pacific locations.

Volunteer committment: open-ended; with a review after six months. It is helpful to be able to foresee a two year commitment to the project.

Benefits: Committee members have expenses paid. There is a week-long face to face committee meeting held once per year, if possible in the region. Committee members have sometimes joined the team for short periods with expenses covered when there is a specific need.

Apply yo: Lyn Adamson, by e-mail

Send a letter of application, your resume, and references. An interview will be included part of the selection process.

About the project:

The committee position involves working collaboratively with other Project Committee members and the Project Co-ordinator to support the work of the team members in the field, and in other ways support the work of the project. The team currently consists of three volunteers working in West Timor, Indonesia. Until recently the main work of the team has been providing accompaniment and other advocacy for the safe return of East Timorese refugees currently living in camps. The team is currently involved in organizing conflict resolution training workshops with members of West Timorese NGO's who have requested this training. We anticipate the West Timor phase of the project will continue till through December 2000. There will be a transition period in the fall as new teams open in Jakarta, Aceh, and, if possible, East Timor.

About Peace Brigades:

PBI was started in 1981 by veterans of peace movements from around the world. PBI works to create and maintain space for nonviolent dialogue and change in specific situations of conflict. International volunteers provide accompaniment and peace education in response to specific requests from local groups working nonviolently for human rights. PBI has fielded teams in Guatemala (1983-99), El Salvador (1987-92), Sri Lanka (1989-98), North America (1992-2000), and Haiti (1994-2000). Currently PBI has four teams in Colombia, and teams in Mexico and West Timor. We also jointly sponsor projects in the Balkan and Chiapas, Mexico. Check the PBI website: for more information.

Requirements: commitment to nonviolence commitment to nonpartisanship in the context of this project good communication skills:

  • for written communication
  • for telephone/e-mail committee/team communication knowledge of the social/political context for working in Indonesia/East Timor and/or
  • experience in international nonviolence and human rights work (for example other PBI experience, Amnesty International, etc.) good computer skills and access to internet-capable computer (much of the work is conducted over email; ability to use computer chat is helpful) experience working in groups and/or small non-profit organizations ability to work independently and/or in subcommittees ability to work in English


  • experience working by consensus
  • language skills - some Indonesian is an asset (but not a requirement; English is the working language)
  • skills to assist in one of the subcommittees, e.g. any of the following: financial management and/or fundraising
  • experience media and outreach experience
  • human resources experience
  • strategic planning background
  • emergency response experience
  • training experience
  • peace education background
  • contacts with government, UN, INGO
  • or other prominent groups/figures
  • sense of humour (!)

    Responsibilites of Committee member:

    Participating in monthly conference calls, Regular checking of e-mail and keeping up of correspondence, Participating in a subcommittee (via phone, e-mail, or computer chat) Current committees are:

  • Human Resources and Training
  • Finance and Fundraising
  • Strategy, Public Relations, and the Emergency Response Network Publicity
  • Peace Education

    PBI country groups: Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA

    Peace Brigades is an equal opportunity organisation. We encourage women and men of all backgrounds to apply.

    - Alyn Ware Consultant at Large

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