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Reply from the SIS director

8 August 2000

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
PO Box 900
New Zealand

Dear Mr Choudry,

Thank you for your letter of 3 August. I welcome your interest in the Service's mandate. As you point out, we do rely on the support and assistance of ordinary New Zealanders and I appreciate your statement that you and your organisation are, as you put it, "just trying to do our bit".

As you know it is not the Service's normal practice to confirm or deny whether individuals or groups are of interest to it. I am sure that you would not expect me to vary the practice on this occasion any more than we have in the past.

That said, I have noted the view you ascribe to certain Pakistani organisations, that the Rt Hon Mike Moore is a "terrorist" and the WTO is "a terrorist organisation". I will give this claim the consideration it warrants.

May I take this opportunity to reassure you that I fully respect your right to lawful advocacy, protest or dissent, in respect of the WTO or indeed any other matter.

Thank you again for your interest

Yours sincerely

ER Woods
Director of Security

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