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Action Alert - What's on soon

Peace Movement Aotearoa

PO Box 9314, Wellington. Tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

Issued 7 September 1998

What's on soon - listings this week include international, national and local events and meetings.

INTERNATIONAL : 15 September is this year’s International Day of Peace. If you or your group are planning on celebrating the day, please let us know in advance if you would like your activities publicised; or send us a report afterwards for inclusion in our next Newsletter !


9-10 September, University of Auckland Conference Centre, New Zealand Asia Institute Conference ‘Indonesia After Suharto’.

The New Zealand Asia Institute has brought together a very strong line-up of international and local experts who will assess the impact and consequences of Indonesia's current economic crisis.

International Speakers: Dr Peter Carey, Oxford University; Prof Anwar Nasution, Dean of Faculty of Economics,University of Indonesia; Dr Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Director, LPEM FEUI, and Director Programme in Planning and Public Policy, University of Indonesia; Prof Hal Hill, Australian National University; Mr Adam Schwarz, Council on Foreign Affairs, Washington; Dr Albert Hasibuan, Human Rights Commission, Jakarta; Dr Dennis de Tray, World Bank Country Director for Indonesia; Dr Rizal Ramli, Director, ECONIT Advisory Group, Indonesia; Ms Louise, Sydney Morning Herald Correspondent in Indonesia; Dr George Atijondro, University of Newcastle; Ms Sidney Jones, Director, Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, New York; Mr Aristides Katoppo, Editorial Board, Suara Pembaruan Daily, and President Director & Chief Editor of Pustaka Sinar Harapan Publishing.

New Zealand Speakers: Prof Nicholas Tarling, Univ of Auckland; Dr Jim Rolfe, Victoria Univ of Wellington; Mr Andrew Renton-Green, Ministry of Defence; Dr Douglas Kammen, Univ of Canterbury; Mr Phil Twyford, Oxfam New Zealand; Ms Maire Leadbeater, East Timor Independence Committee; Mr Terence O'Brien, Centre for Strategic Studies, Wellington

For further information on programme, please contact Xin Chen, Programme Officer, New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand. Tel: (09) 373-7599 ext 6936, fax: (09) 308-2312,<>

For registration information, please contact Mr George Dibley, tel 09-373-7599 ext 8904, fax: 09-373-7419,

NATIONAL SPEAKING TOUR - Warren Thomson, Anti-Bases Campaign, updating local peace and green people around the country on the very latest information about the Waihopai spy base, the activities of the GCSB and of the SIS.

DURING SEPTEMBER : ** DUNEDIN - Tues 8 - lunchtime forum at 1.00pm, Otago University Student's Association, somewhere in the Student Assoc. building. Contact Alastair Campbell (OUSA) or Barbara Frame (03) 473-7156. Tues eve: meeting local peace people informally. ** TAUPO - Thurs 17: speaking to Rotary, contact Betty Wheeler, Taupo Peace Group, (07) 378 6478. ** THAMES- Sat 19 - Greens public meeting, contact Rosalie Steward - at office of Jeanette Fitzsimons MP. ** HAMILTON - Sun 20 - 7.00pm, Methodist Centre, London St. Contact Jim Holdom (07) 855 5902. ** GISBORNE - Mon 21 - meeting with local activists, contact Catherine Delahunty/Gordon Jackman Gisborne: (06) 8677204. ** NAPIER - Weds 23 - meeting with local Greens / activists, contact Robin Stewart (06) 844-5930. ** WELLINGTON - Thurs 24 : early evening, meeting at PMA Office, contact Edwina for confirmed time (details on PMA signature below).

DURING OCTOBER ** NELSON AND RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY - Fri 2 to Sun 4 : details to be confirmed, contact Will Foote (03) 547 4779.

For any other information, please contact Warren - (03) 337 3465,

>>>>> REMINDER - the petition calling for the abolition of the GCSB will be presented in Blenheim on 14 November, so please ensure any copies with signatures are returned to ABC, PO Box 2258, Christchurch before then. If you need more copies you can get them from ABC or PMA.

NATIONAL - Te Hikoi mo te Tumanako mo te Rawakore / the Hikoi of Hope continues, routes for week two will be sent out to our email lists later in the week.



Water for Survival 10th Birthday Dinner, Saturday 19 September 6-30pm in Auckland and in Christchurch on 26 September.

Water for Survival, a voluntary charity which has provided help to 250,000 people in poor communities to assist with water supply and sanitation over the last 10 years, is having a celebratory dinner which will be addressed by Greg Whiteside, WaterAid Country Representative from Nepal. Greg has had 15 years working with local NGOs and community groups in water supply sanitation and hygiene. He is the author of WaterAid's manual "People and Water, Social Aspects of Community Water Supply and Sanitation Programmes" and other publications and papers. Dinner tickets $35.00 Please contact John La Roche, Phone 09 528 9759,

* WELLINGTON - WATER FOR SURVIVAL WATERTHON ! Advertised as a fun competition to remind people here what people in other countries have to go through just to get water. To raise money for water supplies for water supplies in Uganda and South India, teams of 10 people will pay $75 to carry as much water as possible from Frank Kitts Park Lagoon to Queens wharf in 15 minutes. Help is needed - if you wish to take part in the sponsored waterthon, please contact Sigrid Houlette tel (04) 570 6871 or Laurie Salas tel (04) 479 3415.


* LANDMINES BILL - submissions to the Select Committee discussing the anti-personnel mines prohibition bill and ratification of the Ottawa Treaty close on 14 Sept. More details from Neil Mander <>

* PUBLIC HEALTH - input on the Min of Health : public health legislation review : a new public health legislative framework Closing date 30 Sept.

* FOOD SAFETY - ‘Assuring Food Safety - an integrated approach to regulating the food sector in NZ’ document produced by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture & Forestry is available from Verna Ohia-Gate, Public Health Group, Min. of Health, PO Box 5013, Wellington, tel (04) 496 2145, fax (04) 496 2340 or email You can also find the document on - final date for written submissions is 30 Sept.

* HUMAN RIGHTS AMENDMENT BILL - more details on where / when to make your submissions re this bill to follow later.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE - ‘BEYOND CAPITALISM : Transforming our world view’

Friday 2 October 1998, 9 to 4.30, St Johns Conference Centre, cnr Willis and Dixon Sts, Wellington. Speakers : Sohail Inayatullah (Fellow, Queensland Univ of Tech; Nooa Institute for the Future); Anne Else (Independent writer and social commentator of Wellington); Tim Hazledine (Professor of Economics, Auckland University); Paul Wildman (Fellow, IMC University, Brisbane; Node Chair of UN University's Millennium Project).

Purpose of Seminar

The modern economy is not sustainable for it has inherent contradictions, notably its dependence on growth and inequality. The seminar will explore transformations to eliminate poverty, enhance social cohesion, preserve biodiversity, achieve sustainability and find meaning in life. It will provide context and help focus the energy of the Hikoi of Hope, which arrives in Wellington the day before. The Hikoi is calling for Finding a Better Way.

Promoters of Seminar : Proutist Universal, Box 984, Nelson. (Attn: Bruce Dyer) tel/fax: (03) 548 7284, ; Sustainable Futures Trust, 30 Akatea Rd, Petone. (Attn: Alan Fricker). tel: (04) 589 1575, fax: (04) 589 0447;<>; PIRM, Box 12-125, W'ton. (Attn: Ron Cundy) tel: (04) 473 6623; fax: (04) 472 6374;

Registration: $25 inc. lunch (limited concessions at $10) Cheques payable to: Sustainable Futures Trust. Send to: Alan Fricker, Sustainable Futures Trust, 30 Akatea Rd, Petone with name / address / telephone no.

NATIONAL SPEAKING TOUR - yes ! the long awaited grand speaking tour by Noam Chomsky will begin in Hamilton on 9 November, full details of his itinerary in next week’s what’s on.


* GORE - every day through September, at 12-30pm people from around Gore will gather to pray for the hikoi, contact the local Anglican church for details.


Fri 11 Sept, 12:15 pm, Wesley Church (75 Taranaki St, Wellington) lunchtime forum on the Te Puni Kokiri report "Progress Towards Closing Social and Economic Gaps Between Maori and Non-Maori" - Dr Ngatata Love, CEO. Te Puni Kokiri "The Report - What it Reveals" (For a copy of the report email your name and address to )

Tues 15 Sept, 12-30pm to 1-30pm, at PMA, Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu, planning meeting for this year’s vigil outside the Israeli Embassy on 30 Sept.

Fri, 18 Sept, 12:15 pm, Wesley Church (75 Taranaki St, Wellington) lunchtime forum on the Te Puni Kokiri report "Progress Towards Closing Social and Economic Gaps Between Maori and Non-Maori" - Kathie Irwin, Senior Lecturer, Maori Education, Victoria University, "Maori education -Picture of a Community" (For a copy of the report email your name and address to )

Tues 22 Sept, 5-30pm to 7pm, at St Johns Conference Centre, cnr Willis and Dixon Streets, hear one of the hikoi organisers speak about why the hikoi was organised, what it hopes to achieve and what follow-up is intended after the event. For more info tel Ruth Smithies, JPD office, (04) 496 1701.

Fri, 25 Sept, 12:15 pm, Wesley Church (75 Taranaki St, Wellington) lunchtime forum on the Te Puni Kokiri report "Progress Towards Closing Social and Economic Gaps Between Maori and Non-Maori "Dr George Salmon, Director, Health Services Research Centre, Victoria and Otago Universities, "Health and Poverty" (For a copy of the report email your name and address to )

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