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‘Weapons in space: a new threat to peace and security?,’ seminar in Wellington on 13 October 2001

Weapons in space: a new threat to peace and security?

with representatives from peace and disarmament organisations, the NZ government, and other governments giving their views on the US government's plans to put weapons in space.

9-40am to 4-30pm, Saturday 13 October 2001
in Lecture Theatre 1, Law School (Old Government Buildings), Wellington.

At the end of each speaker's presentation, there will be a 10 minute period for questions and discussion by seminar participants.


9-40am - Tea, coffee and registration

10-00am - Introduction, Des Brough, National Consultative Committee on Disarmament;

10-05am - Weapons in space: an overview - Dr Robert White, Centre for Peace Studies;

10-50am - The impact on global security - Guy Wilson-Roberts, Ministry of Defence ;

11-15am - The impact on the Pacific - Edwina Hughes, Peace Movement Aotearoa;

11-35am - The NZ government's position, Susannah Gordon or Geoff Randal from the International Security and Arms Control Division (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade);

12 noon to 1-00pm - lunch;

Please note: the times of the afternoon sessions may change as the panel discussion may be allocated more time; this will be decided when we have the responses from all diplomatic representatives invited.

From 1-05pm to 3-05pm - diplomatic representatives present the views of their governments. Those invited are: Iran (has declined as they have no representative here with specialised knowledge on the topic); United States of America (replied in early September that they have no-one able to participate); Germany (awaiting confirmation).

Those confirmed are: Russia (name of representative to be confirmed) and China, Counsellor Madam Guisang GUO and Mr. Xuejun Qiu will take part in the panel discussion.

3-05pm - A Draft Treaty to Ban Weapons in Space and other ways forward - Dr Robert White, Centre for Peace Studies;

3-45pm - Speaker's Panel and discussion with seminar participants;

4-15pm - Closing remarks.

Please rsvp to Jennifer Coote tel (04) 569 8092,
An indication of numbers attending will be helpful for ensuring sufficient refreshments!

This seminar is organised by the National Consultative Committee on Disarmament, Centre for Peace Studies, Peace Movement Aotearoa, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the Peace Council as part of the International Day of Action Against the Militarisation of Space. Funding assistance from the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust.

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