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'War in the Balkans' symposium, 29 May 1999, Wellington

The symposium was very well attended, with the lecture theatre packed out. A resolution was passed at the close of the symposium asking for the NZ government to call for an immediate end to the NATO bombing, as the first step towards peace in the region.

Copies of the speeches will be available here just as soon as we have them - we have some already, others are being transcribed from audio tapes (and then need to be checked by the speaker) so may be slightly delayed. To see the text of the speeches, click on the speaker's name.

Speakers in order of appearance :

Edwina Hughes, Peace Movement Aotearoa - 'Bombing is Not a Solution'.

Michael Gilchrist, Trade Union Federation - 'Economic aspects of the war and its impact on workers'.

Gillian Southey, Christian World Service - 'The Humanitarian Crisis; ways forward'.

Dr Rouben Azizian, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Studies, Auckland University - 'NATO Airstrikes: Limited War with Far-Reaching Consequences'.

Dr Joel Hayward, Programme Co-ordinator, Defence and Strategic Studies, School of History, Philosophy and Politics, Massey University -'What's Going On? A Military Analyst's Preliminary Thoughts on the Kosovo Crisis'.

Dr Andrew Ladley, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington - International Law and the use of force in Kosovo'.

Speakers representing the political parties :

Wayne Mapp, for National

Graham Kelly, for Labour

Matt Robson, for Alliance

Paul Bruce, for Green Party

For further details, please see: Des Brough, Peace Council, War in the Balkans' symposium summary

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