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Treaty Conference 2000

Pakeha and Tauiwi communities come together to affirm the Treaty of Waitangi and explore the future of Aotearoa Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland 6 - 8 July 2000 Sacred Heart College, Glen Innes, Auckland To receive further information, you MUST fill in the Expression of Interest at end of this page. Just print it out, fill in the Expression of Interest section, and SEND to: Treaty Conference 2000, PO Box 47189, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland or


  • To bring together those who are working to integrate the Treaty in their sectors, organisations & communities
  • To affirm the future of the Treaty and to counter attempts to sideline it
  • To advocate that the Treaty be endorsed as our basic constitutional document
  • To explore visions for relationships between tangata whenua and tauiwi (non-Maori)
  • To consider what it will mean to belong to and live in Aotearoa beyond 2000
The conference is aimed at key workers, professionals, managers and community members who are concerned with implementing the Treaty of Waitangi in the course of their work or community involvement. It is particularly aimed at Pakeha, Pacific and other tauiwi (non-Maori) people. Strategising and planning within sectors such as education, health, law, the media and local bodies will be a feature of the conference format. Please note that the conference is not intended as an educational event for people unfamiliar with Treaty issues.



Thursday, 6 July pm Public meeting with keynote speakers

Friday/Saturday 7 & 8 July Presentations, strategising, sharing information, ideas & networking

Approximate costs: Registration $50; Food/accommodation $180


Topics will include:

  • Constitutional change
  • Citizenship & the Treaty
  • Pacific nations & the Treaty
  • Multiculturalism & the Treaty
  • Organisational change
  • The Treaty & the environment
  • The Treaty & the arts, politics, law, health, media, education, housing, international relations...

Creative presentations, discussion starters, research & papers are invited


What insights & practical experience do you and your group have that can help us play our part in taking the Treaty forward into the 21st century?

Bring your:

  • experience of Treaty work
  • institutional change work
  • education programmes
  • decolonisation work
  • strategising ideas
  • writings

If you or your group are willing to offer writing for discussion, a paper or creative presentation at the conference, or if you want more information, please contact us.

Treaty Conference 2000 contacts:

Karen Way Ph. 09-483 6493 E-mail

Ingrid Huygens Ph: (09) 376-0530 Email:

Organised by Network Waitangi & associates, PO Box 47189, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland


Please put me/us on your mailing list for enrolments:




Organisation/Group (if any):









Type of contribution (mark with 'X'):


Discussion starter Display - visual


Panel Presentation


Paper Video or film


Other (please provide details)

Return by March 2000 to: Treaty Conference 2000, PO Box 47189, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland OR

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