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Fly the Flag: competition, letters and donations

February 2008

Kia ora,

this message is about this year's fly the tino rangatiratanga flag campaign. There are three main sections below:

  • the Te Ata Tino Toa media release announcing this year's 'Fly that Flag' competition, and an update with details of the 'fly the flag' convoy that will cross the Auckland Harbour bridge on Waitangi Day;
  • details of how you can make a donation to help with Te Ata Tino Toa's costs;
  • and

  • links to the letters from Te Ata Tino Toa, Annette King, and Transit NZ re flying the flag on Auckland Harbour bridge, and contact details for the Minister and Transit.

If you want to fly the tino rangatiratanga flag and don't have one, you can * buy flags at Aotearoa House shops on 179-183 Karangahape Road, Tamakai Makaurau / Auckland, 130 The Strand, Whakatane, and 138 Cuba Street, Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington; check out the Maori art shop in Taihape and the Toi Mana Maori at the Arts Centre, Otautahi Christchurch * contact flag suppliers email or email * there is an image online here which you could print and display on your car, in your office, on your house door, on your windows ... anywhere you can think of.

Information about the tino rangatiratanga flag is available here.

  • Te Ata Tino Toa media releases

    As a part of the 5 days of Tino and a follow up to last years Fly that Flag competition we are running the competition again for the most creative display of the Tino Rangatiratanga flag. Also - this year we are also asking people to fly Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe flags in solidarity with the people of Te Urewera and those people affected by the October 15 raids.

    Our panel of esteemed judges will pick a winner to be announced on the Aocafe.

    To celebrate '5 days of tino', fly the tino rangatiratanga flag in your area. Approach your local kura, kohanga, businesses, local council etc asking them to share their local flag poles with Maori. Let them know about the positives of building the relationship with tangata whenua. Think about adopting local flag poles for the flag, and other high profile places in your area the flag can fly from. Even a sticker for your car will support the kaupapa.

    The flag symbolises the struggle for Maori self-determination and embodies the hopes we have for future generations as a thriving indigenous nation.

    Please email your pictures to this address. A selection of images from the 2007 competition is available here.

        Update: 5 February 2008

    This Waitangi day Te Ata Tino Toa will be launching the Maori flag by plane, boat and convoy within the Auckland Harbour Region.

    Te Ata Tino Toa spokesperson Tia Taurere said "This year we have put together the largest Tino Rangatiratanga Flag ever made it is 7 metres by 14 metres. We plan to attach it to a plane and take to the skies so that the whole of Auckland can check it out, Comrades will be in boats supporting us from the sea, with the convoy supporting us by land heading over the Bridge."

    Taurere continues "The Tino Rangatiratanga flag symbolises the long tradition of struggle and resistance by Maori against colonisation and the Crown sponsored theft of Maori land and resources. It is a symbol used by Maori who continue to resist the pressures of colonisation and cultural and economic genocide. Such a concept embraces the spiritual link Maori have with 'Papatuanuku' (Earthmother) and is a part of the international drive by indigenous peoples for self determination."

    Celebrate the Tino Rangatiratanga flag in your area by organising your own autonomous actions, find creative ways to display the flag - send us photos by email. Think about adopting local flag poles for the tino flag, and other high profile places in your area the flag can fly from. Even a sticker for your car will support the kaupapa.

    We know the flag is being flown at: Waitangi grounds; the Convoy, Auckland Harbour Bridge; Wahamanga (Marokopa); Otaki College; Te Kohanga Reo o Puau Te Moananui a Kiwa, Glen Innes; Te Kura Kaupapa o Nga Mokopuna, Taiwere Marae, Te W‚nanga o Aotearoa, Rotorua; Auckland University; Mana College (the mural near Maori studies); the whare by the highway 5 mins south of Taumarunui me te maha noa atu o nga waahi; and Wellington library (Maori section).

    Convoy details: The convoy will drive over the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Wednesday morning. Supporters should bring their tino rangatiratanga flags, large and small. Also bring Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe Flags as well in solidarity with the people of Te Urewera and those affected by the Oct 15 raids. The convoy meets at 9am, Waitangi Day, Newton Clubrooms, Beaumont St, near Victoria Park before driving over.

  • Help with Te Ata Tino Toa's costs

    * By Paypal: follow the link on this web page * by bank transfer to: Conscious Collaborations Charitable Trust, Account No 389 005 0969 05700, KiwiBank, Kiwibank Limited, 155 The Terrace, Wellington 6332 * by cheque to Conscious Collaborations, PO Box 91, Bulls.

  • Links to the letters re flying the flag from Auckland harbour bridge

    The letter from Te Ata Tino Toa to Transit NZ re tino rangatiratanga flag and Auckland harbour bridge, 20 December 2007 - the reply from Annette King, Minister of Transport, 28 January 2008, and the reply from Transit NZ, 5 February 2008.

    If you wish to convey your thoughts on this to the Minister of Transport or Transit NZ, contact details are * Annette King, Minister of Transport, email * Transit NZ, via this online form or c/o email.

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