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  • Aceh Relief Fund, ETAN and TAPOL

The Aceh Relief Fund is where funding specifically for Aceh is being collected by Indonesia human rights organisations such as TAPOL and ETAN. For information about the urgent appeal for Aceh, see this web page.

Because the organisations involved are based overseas, the easiest way to contribute to this fund is via the credit card donation facility online at You could also make a donation via your own bank directly to TAPOL's bank account: 'Tapol - Aceh Appeal'; Account No. 65157529; The Co-operative Bank, England; sort code 08-92-99.

  • Acheh Support Group

The Wellington Acheh Support Group is collecting for IDEP's (Indonesian Development Education and Permaculture) 'Aceh Aid'. For more information about Aceh Aid see the web page at

Donations can be made by deposit or bank transfer to 'Acheh Support Group'; Account No. [including sort code] 06 0582 269439 00; National Bank, Manners Street Branch, Wellington.

Assisting in Aceh, India and Sri Lanka. For information about what Caritas is doing, see the web page at

Donations to the Asia Tsunami Appeal can be made: by phoning 0800 22 10 22 or 0900 4 11 11 for an automatic $20 donation which will be added to your telephone account; or online at; or by post to Caritas Asia Tsunami Appeal, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, Freepost 689, PO Box 12-193, Wellington.

Assisting in Aceh, India and Sri Lanka. For information about what Christian World Service is doing, see the web page at

Donations to the South Asia Tsunami Appeal can be made: by phoning 0800 74 73 72; or online at; or by post to Christian World Service, PO Box 22 652, Christchurch.

Assisting in Aceh / Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. For information about what the NZ Red Cross is doing, see the press release at

Donations to the Asia Tsunami Appeal can be made to the NZ Red Cross: by phoning 0900 31 100 for an automatic $20 donation which will be added to your telephone account; or online at; or by post to Freepost Red Cross, PO Box 12-140, Wellington. Donations can also be given at branches of the ANZ, ASB, BNZ, National, TSB, and Westpac banks; at Countdown, Foodtown and Woolworths supermarkets; and the House of Travel.


  • For information about the situation in Aceh, see

  • For information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade see
  • For information about what United Nations agencies are doing, see

  • Articles

  • Four times as many women died in tsunami, John Aglionby, 26 March 2005
  • Aide to UN envoy for tsunami relief leaves today for devastated region, UN News, 16 March 2005
  • NZ can do more to bring about peaceful, just world, Keith Locke, 4 March 2005
  • Breaking the wave, Jason Burke, 27 February 2005
  • Two months after tsunami only some UN agencies have received full funding, UN News, 25 February 2005
  • Asian fisheries lost more than $500 million to tsunami, UN News, 17 February 2005
  • States failing to pay tsunami pledges, John Vidal, 8 February 2005
  • Toll rises to 226,500 as Indonesia says 50,000 missing are dead, Laura Smith and John Vidal, 20 January 2005
  • New Zealand gives $68m in tsunami aid, Ainsley Thomson, 19 January 2005
  • Children casualty rates 'higher than first thought', AP, 18 January 2005
  • As sunbeds return to beaches, villages wait for help - recovery tourism aid 'at expense of fishermen', Patrick Barkham, 18 January 2005
  • Toll tops 175,000 as Lanka adds thousands, Reuters, 17 January 2005
  • UN Report Urges Rich Nations to Double Aid to Poor, Celia W Dugger, 17 January 2005
  • Tsunami silver lining seen for war on malnutrition, Reuters, 17 January 2005
  • UN relief advances in a sea of confusion, David Pallister and John Aglionby, 15 January 2005
  • Nearly 3 weeks after tsunami, relief effort going 'reasonably well', UN News, 14 January 2005
  • Bid to protect tsunami survivors from child traffickers, David Batty, 13 January 2005
  • Understand and deliver: are the mistakes made after the 2001 Indian earthquake being repeated in the current relief effort? John Vidal, 12 January 2005
  • Sunday to be memorial day for tsunami dead, NZPA, 11 January 2005
  • Thais whose homes have gone fear losing their land to tourism, Sally Pook, 10 January 2005
  • G-7 Suspends Debt Of Stricken Nations, Effect of Gesture May Be Slight, Paul Blustein, 7 January 2005
  • 2.2bn pledged: but will the world deliver this time? Maxine Frith, 7 January 2005
  • US island base given warning: bulletins sent to Diego Garcia 'could have saved lives', Richard Norton-Taylor, 7 January 2005
  • Papua New Guinea: lessons from the Aitape tsunami, Gerald Tooth interviews Tas Maketu, 6 January 2005
  • UN's tsunami relief appeal looks at needs both massive and modest, UN News, 6 January 2005
  • Tsunami Appeal Donation Guide - issues to consider when donating to the tsunami appeal, which organisations are active and in what areas, who is receiving the lions share and how much is actually getting through, AID/WATCH (Australia), updated 6 January 2005
  • The other man-made tsunami: while the sea may have killed tens of thousands, Western policies kill millions every year, John Pilger, 6 January 2005
  • Journalists among victims of tsunami disaster, Pacific Media Watch, 6 January 2005
  • Women Must be at the Heart of Rebuilding Shattered Communities, Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Director United Nations Development Fund for Women, 5 January 2005
  • After the tsunami Somalia is the worst-hit country in Africa, UNICEF, 5 January 2005
  • The victims of the tsunami pay the price of war on Iraq: US and British aid is dwarfed by the billions both spend on slaughter, George Monbiot, 4 January 2005
  • UNFPA Assists Tsunami Victims, Warns Women and Girls are Especially Vulnerable, United Nations Population Fund, 27 December 2004

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