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Treaty Conference 2000

Proceedings now available

Treaty Conference 2000 was a highly successful national conference held in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland in July 2000, aimed at tauiwi (non-Mäori) communities. A wide range of organisations and groups, from churches to city councils and from migrant communities to Women's Refuge, presented their experiences and models of Treaty work over the past two decades. The publication contains almost all the speeches, workshops and posters presented by tauiwi and tangata whenua participants, making it a unique record of bicultural and multicultural work in this country as seen in 2000.

This publication is an essential reference for all libraries, schools, tertiary institutions, government and non-government organisations and community groups. It is a professionally constructed 200-page document of proceedings that will prove to be a valuable reference source for 2001 and beyond.

Information about the Treaty Conference 2000 Proceedings

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