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Indonesian Brutal Attack
Eight Civilians Dead in West Papua

6 November 2003

The escalation of violence and brutal murder continues in West Papua since new President Decree No:1/2003, dividing West Papua into three provinces was introduced in the beginning of this year.

Eight Papuan civilians were short dead in a brutal attack on 4th November at 5.00 am local time in Jalingga village, Bulukma district, a suburb of Wamena, the capita city of Jayawijaya province in the central highland of West Papua. Their bodies were evacuated to Wamena General Hospital for further investigation.

"We condemn the government of Megawati Sukarnoputri for her inhuman policy that resulted the killing of eight innocent civilians in an indiscriminate gun fire two days ago. Jakarta must bring those who committed crimes against humanity to court of justice", said Dr John Otto Ondawame, International Spokesperson of the OPM.

Jakarta continues to promote the circle of violence. More than 5,000 troops built up in the border region between West Papua and Papua New Guinea. Additional 2000 organic troops were brought in the last three months to secure the implementation of the policy of division.

"The use of violence will never solve the current political problem in West Papua. We urge Jakarta to withdraw immediately her troops and engage in a peaceful dialogue", said John.

"For their own best interests, Jakarta must take peace initiative as the only viable alternative to conflict resolution."

John Ondawame
Press Release
West Papuan People's Representative Office, Vanuatu

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