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Act today for West Papua

28 November 2003

Kia ora,

This message has two parts: national action for today; and details of the West Papua solidarity event in Wellington on Monday.

  • National action
  • Monday, 1 December 2003, is the 42nd anniversary of the 1961 West Papuan Declaration of Independence from Dutch colonial rule, West Papua Independence Day. In West Papua people mark the day in a variety of ways, including raising the ‘Morning Star’ (the West Papuan flag). In previous years the Indonesian military and police have responded to this with increased violent oppression - arresting and killing those they perceive as ‘pro-independence’ activists.

    We have received information that again this year the West Papuan people have been told that they must not mark the day, and it is likely that when they do, the Indonesian authorities will react with extreme violence.

    Please take the time today, over the weekend, or on Monday to do the following:

  • Telephone, fax, write or email the Indonesian Embassy - Mr Bambang Hiendrasto, Chargé d'Affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, PO Box 3543, Wellington; tel (04) 475 8697 / 475 8698 / 475 8699; fax (04) 475 9374; email or email - points you could make include: that the eyes of the world are on the Indonesian authorities and their actions in West Papua, particularly on Monday 1 December; that the people of West Papua have the right to peacefully express their aspirations for self-determination on Monday (and every other day of the year); and ask for a guarantee that there be no violent response from the Indonesian armed forces or police in West Papua.
  • Telephone, fax, write or email Helen Clark and Phil Goff and urge them to contact the Indonesian authorities to make the same points as those outlined above. Contact details: Helen Clark, Prime Minister, tel (04) 471 9998; fax (04) 473 3579; email. Phil Goff, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, tel (04) 470 6553; fax (04) 495 8444; email. Letter/s should be addressed to the relevant politician/s and posted to Parliament Buildings, Wellington (no stamp required).
  • It is very helpful if you can send us a copy of any message, fax, or letter you send (and of any replies you receive) or a summary of any telephone conversation to: Peace Movement Aotearoa, PO Box 9314, Wellington; fax (04) 382 8173; email.

    We will be circulating a new West Papua update early next week with more detailed information.

  • Wellington, Monday, 1 December
  • Please join us at parliament at 10am on Monday - look out for the ‘Morning Star’ which will be flying in solidarity with the people of West Papua, and all those around the world who are marking the day; there will be leaflets with more information on West Papua.

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