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Philippine Solidarity Network of Aotearoa published our newsletter
Kapatiran from 1993-2009 inclusive. But we have not managed to publish an issue since 2009; so in January 2012, we formally decided to cease publishing it (primarily because of the Editor's lack of time due to other commitments. That is the same reason why we also cannot commit to publish it as an online-only newsletter).

We had fully intedned to publsih another issue (which would have been number 33) and had gathered a respectable amount of copy for it. When we faced up to the reality that it was not going to happen, and that
Kapatiran was going to cease publication, we decided not to see that copy go to waste, so we have uploaded it as The Issue That Never Was (which is obviously incomplete).


About Kapatiran...

The Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa (PSNA) produced a newsletter, Kapatiran (Solidarity), from 1993 until 2009. Kapatiran specialised in topics such as:
  • the struggles of Filipino workers and the militant union movement.
  • rampant human rights abuses.
  • American military involvement in the Philippines.
  • a whole raft of vital issues concerning women and children.
  • the devastation wrought by transnational corporations, in sectors such as mining.
  • the militant peasant movement and its campaigns for justice, in areas such as land reform and the imposition of genetic engineering by the transnationals.
  • the never ending attempts to win back the billions stolen by the Marcoses and to secure justice for the tens of thousands of victims of that dictatorship.
  • the particular problems of the Muslim part of the Philippines, specifically Mindanao.
  • New Zealand’s development aid projects in the Philippines.

We have reprinted speeches, conference papers and interviews. Our priority was to make it relevant to New Zealanders. We report on the visits to the Philippines of New Zealand progressives, plus we have published indepth reports of the several New Zealand speaking tours that PSNA has organised, by leaders of the Filipino movement. We focused on subjects like the impact of transnational corporate globalisation and its institutions, such as APEC and the WTO, on both societies. Always we aimed to highlight what our two societies have in common.

We don’t simply report the problems (of which there is no shortage) but also emphasise the campaigns by a whole raft of groups to provide solutions. We focus on the grassroots, not the posturings of the traditional ruling politicians. Our solidarity is with the Filipino people, in their struggle against those who rob, oppress and kill them. Kapatiran is our means of expressing that solidarity.

Kapatiran was unique, there was no other publication like it in New Zealand. The hard copy edition, which is usually 20-40 pages, attractive to look at, is well laid out and extensively illustrated.

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