Many people have contributed to the APC Converge project and it is not really possible to list them all. However there are some key individuals who have contributed significantly to APC Converge:

Robert Hunt and Plain Communications have supplied technical strength and backing, without which APC Converge would not be possible.

Richard Clark has provided unpaid technical work, advice,
and has written cgi scripts on demand for which I am very grateful. 
Richard has been very patient and helpful as I have learnt to do more of this work. 

George Porter was extremely generous with his support.
We regret that George Porter passed away in February 1998.

Organisations to thank include members of the PlaNet NZ network and PlaNet NZ Trust who are providing the funds to get started, and Plain Communications in Christchurch who are hosting the APC Converge website.

We are developing a fund-raising programme to secure the resources necessary to offer the NGO community on-line services that will help them be more effective.

APC Converge seeks sponsors to underwrite the cost of providing services to NGOs and community groups.
Should you wish to contribute or offer support then we would be happy to hear from you.

Please email or if that is too impersonal, then you are welcome to phone. I have a cellphone at present, and if you ring we can make other less expensive arrangements to speak. The number is 025 456-225.

Best wishes to everyone.

Don Anderson
APC Converge Co-ordinator


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