Foreign Control Watchdog 103

Foreign Control Watchdog 103
August 2003

greenball War profiteers: Corporate beneficiaries of the US war on Iraq
greenball Iraq book review - media crap: the corporate spin on Iraq - "Target Iraq: what the news media didn't tell you"
greenball The "war on terror": out of sight but not out of mind
greenball The Roger Award event just gets bigger and better
greenball Tranz Rail shunted into hall of shame: Roger Award organisers decide to let somebody else have a go
greenball We support the seafarers
greenball Who owns New Zealand's news media? Can we afford to let them own our news?
greenball Comalco still wants secret sweetheart deal
greenball Book reviews: "Battling big business: countering greenwash, infiltration and other forms of corporate bullying"; "A world without walls: freedom, development, free trade and global governance"
greenball In memory of Neil Cherry
greenball Coromandel farmers set up website to fight forestry TNC
greenball Landmark global tobacco control treaty
greenball Cheques: please make them out correctly; Taking Control listserver; CAFCA/ABC organiser account needs more pledgers and donors

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