Foreign Control Watchdog 108

Foreign Control Watchdog 109
August 2005

greenball Government To TNCs: " Come On In And Help Yourselves" The New Overseas Investment Act, by Murray Horton
greenball 2004 Roger Award Pisses Off TNCs & Jim Anderton, by Murray Horton
greenball Roger 'Em, by Simon Ritchie
greenball Lets Celebrate Some Victories For A Change, by Murray Horton
Coromandel Locals Win Stunning Victory Over Malaysian Forestry TNC
Rimbunan Hijau’s NZ Subsidiary Gives Up Fight Against Expulsion
Landmark Global Tobacco Control Treaty Now In Force
UK Campaigners Win Complete Court Victory After 15 Year Battle With McDonalds
greenball "Free Trade" Agreements And The Panglossian Paradigm, by Joe Hendren
greenball Updates, by Murray Horton:
Shania Twain Locks The Gate
Westpac: Flying Buttresses, Outsourcing, Tax Dodging
Comalco Up To Its Old Tricks Again
Thwarted US Billionaire To Have Another Go At Cape Kidnappers
Otahuna: All That Glitters Is Not Gold
greenball Book & Film Reviews by Jeremy Agar
"The Yes Men" A Film By Chris Smith, Sarah Price And Dan Ollman
"International Investment Agreements: Key Issues", Volume 1;
United Nations Conference On Trade And Development
"World Investment Report 2004: The Shift Towards Services", UNCTAD
greenball Obituaries
Owen Wilkes, by Murray Horton
Christchurch Memorial Meeting For Owen, by Murray Horton
Tribute To Francis Ona, by Vikki John
Death In The Family: James Currie, by Murray Horton and Ann Currie
greenball Cheques; Taking Control Listserver

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