Foreign Control Watchdog 112

Foreign Control Watchdog 112
August 2006

greenball Lyttelton Port Company Sale Dead In The Water: We've Won The Battle But Not Yet The War, by Murray Horton
greenball Downright Bad Decision Making: Christchurch's Shoddy Grounds For Flogging Off Lyttelton Port Company, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Telecom Drops Its Bundle, by Murray Horton
greenball Bank Robbers, by Murray Horton
greenball Maori Lead Fight Against Killer Tobacco TNCs, by Murray Horton
greenball Stripping Aotearoa Tonne By Tonne: A Critique Of Solid Energy's Coal Mining In Buller, by Frances Mountier
greenball Reviews
“Axis Of Deceit”; by Andrew Wilkie, reviewed by Bob Leonard
“To Build A Nation: Collected Writings Of Bruce Jesson 1975-1999”; ed. Andrew Sharp, reviewed by Joe Hendren
greenball Reviews Continued, by Jeremy Agar
“9/11 In Plane Sight”; A DVD by William Lewis
“Let's Roll 9/11”; A DVD by Dylan Avery
“The Bush Agenda: Invading The World, One Economy At A Time”; by Antonia Juhasz
“Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man”; by John Perkins
“Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change From Hawaii To Iraq”; by Stephen Kinzer
“Future: Tense. The Coming World Order”; by Gwynne Dyer
“At What Cost?”; by Robert G Anderson
greenball Obituaries
Judy Henstock (Huri Murupaenga), by Lindy Nolan
Wes Cameron, by Murray Horton
Deaths In The Family: Barbara Hager and Harold Evans, by Murray Horton
greenball SuperSizeMyPay.Com Campaign Relaunched Against McDonalds

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