Foreign Control Watchdog 123

Foreign Control Watchdog 123 - May 2010


greenball “Holy Grail” Is A Poisoned Chalice: US Free Trade Deal Recipe For Disaster by Murray Horton
greenball Chinese Buy Up Of Dairy Farms: Get Used To It. This Is What A “Free” Trade Agreement Looks Like by Murray Horton
greenball Sticking Our Head In The Lion’s Mouth: Trans-Pacific Partnership by Warren Brewer
greenball Robber Bank Wins 2009 Roger Award by Murray Horton
greenball Telecom: Bastard Offspring Of The Market by John Minto
greenball The Rocky Road To Populism by Liz Gordon
greenball Look Ma, No Hands! Overseas Investment: Myopic Deregulation by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Monkeys With Rubber Stamps: The Overseas Investment Office by Quentin Findlay
greenball Waste Management: Another “Good Character” Case From the CAFCA Archives by Murray Horton
greenball Tommy Suharto: One Who Was Never Put To “Good Character” Test by Murray Horton
greenball Shania Twain Buys Another High Country Station: Where Is the “Substantial & Identifiable Benefit To NZ”? by Murray Horton
greenball NZ’s People Are Our Greatest Asset: Invest In Them As Top Priority by Murray Horton
greenball Beyond The Sea: New Zealand’s Ports At Risk? by Victor Billot
greenball Reviews, by Jeremy Agar and Murray Horton
“Battle In Seattle” A Film By Stuart Townsend
“Capitalism: A Love Story” A Film By Michael Moore
“Balibo” A Film By Robert Connolly
“The Informant!” A Film By Steven Soderbergh
“Rats In The Grain: The Dirty Tricks And Trials Of Archer Daniels Midland The ‘Supermarket To The World’” by James B Lieber
greenball Obituary
Hugh Price
greenball Historical Watchdogs Now Online by Murray Horton
greenball Classic Vanguard Films Now On CAFCA Website

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