Foreign Control Watchdog 131

Foreign Control Watchdog 131 December 2012


greenball Stars And Stripes In Their Eyes: NZ Needs TPPA Like A Hole In The Head by Mary Ellen O’Connor ,
TPPA Makes NZ Pawn In US Game by Jane Kelsey
Cabinet Controls TPPA Approval Process, Not Parliament by Jane Kelsey

greenball 2012 Roger Award Finalists Named by Murray Horton
2012 Roger Award People’s Choice

greenball Lest We Forget: Warner Brothers Won 2010 Roger Award For “Hobbit” Affair by Murray Horton
Smelter NZ’s Biggest Bludger by Murray Horton
greenball Transpower’s Cross-Border Lease Over SI High Voltage Grid by Sue Newberry
greenball The Transnational Corporation Capitalist Education Grab: Dressed Up As School Choice For Disadvantaged Kids (AKA Charter Schools) by Liz Gordon
greenball The Politics Of NZ (Inc) by Brian Easton
greenball New Zealand – A Tax Haven For Super-Rich Foreigners by John Minto
greenball Light Handed Regulation And Work Safety: A Case Study – Rail Safety In New Zealand 1974-2000 by Hazel Armstrong
greenball Crunching NZ: Globalist Contradictions Bite Home by Dennis Small
greenball 2012 CAFCA Annual General Meeting Minutes
CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account: 2011/12 Financial Report by Warren Brewer

greenball Reviews by Jeremy Agar & Greg Waite
Serious Fun: The Life And Times Of Alan Gibbs by Paul Goldsmith

Making A Difference by Owen Glenn
The Price Of Offshore Revisited by James H Henry
World Investment Report 2012 by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Extreme Money by Satyajit Das
The Big Short by Michael Lewis
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang
Is China Buying The World? by Peter Nolan
The End Of Cheap China by Shaun Rein
Maonomics by Loretta Napoleoni
greenball Obituary by Evin Wood & Murray Horton
Rosa Oliver
greenball OIO Says Rupert Murdoch Of Good Character: Because He Told Them So! by Murray Horton

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