Foreign Control Watchdog 96

Foreign Control Watchdog 96
April 2001

greenball Grave Dangers In A Free Trade And Investment Agreement With Hong Kong
greenball Roger Award: It’s Tranz Rail Again
greenball Giving Away Our Money To TNCs: Jim Anderton’s Dubious Policy
greenball Fightback Against Carter Holt Harvey:
US TNC Uses Scabs & Cops To Try And Smash Wharfies

greenball Seize The Suhartos’ NZ Assets: Lilybank Flicked On - Again;
Indonesian Prosecutors To Come To NZ; Tommy Goes Underground

greenball“Mad Cow” Disaster: A Free Trade Nightmare
greenball No OIC Annual Statistics Since 1998; OIC Stoutly Defends Foreign Investors’ ”Good Character”
greenball Review: Uncovering The West’s Dirty Work. Covert Action Quarterly
greenball Obituaries: Mollie Ostler, Bruce Faithful, Frank Clarke, Sumner Peace Group, Kate Sheppard Women's Bookshop, NZ Trade Union Federation (TUF)
greenball Cheques; Taking Control List Server; Organiser Account Needs Pledgers;
Focus On The Corporation; Former Canadian Spy To Tour NZ - Appeal;
US Owner Of Contact Energy In California Power Shambles

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