GCSB: not on your nelly, they don't

- Parliamentary speech extract


This is an extract from a speech (8/5/01) in Parliament by Green Co-Leader, Rod Donald, on the introduction of the Government Communications Security Bureau Bill. The GCSB is the NZ spy agency which runs the Waihopai satellite interception spybase, and operates as a junior branch of American Intelligence. Ed.

"One objective of the GCSB is to contribute to national security by providing foreign intelligence that the Government requires to protect and advance New Zealand's economic well being to the extent that it is affected by the actions or intentions of foreign organisations or persons.

  • Does this mean that the GCSB has been or should be gathering information on the Singapore owned Dominion Breweries’ intentions for the Monteiths brewery on the West Coast?
  • Is the GCSB spying on Brierley’s intentions in relation to Air New Zealand?
  • Does the GCSB advise the Overseas Investment Commission against approving foreign investment which is likely to lead to asset stripping, company closures and job losses?
  • In the interests of our international well being, did it advise against Tommy Suharto being allowed to buy the Lilybank station?

When we look at serious threats to our sovereignty, our international well being and our economic well being the GCSB have been an abject failure…".

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