Foreign Control Watchdog 97

Foreign Control Watchdog 97
August 2001

greenball Take back the track: and the rest of the Railways
greenball Cash cow or load of bull? Globalco and globalisation
greenball Firestone crushes Christchurch workers: Literally and figuratively
greenball Hong Kong free trade and investment agreement: Deal not done yet
greenball New Zealand under siege
greenballSeize the Suhartos' NZ assets: Lilybank sale fell through
greenball Death of an empire: Fletcher fades with a whimper
greenball How Comalco broke the unions at the Bluff smelter
greenball Rio Tinto to get out of Bougainville - at long last
greenball Trotter trots out rot: The strange resurrection of the SIS break-in case
greenball Not on your nelly they don't
greenball Book review - Global finance: New thinking on regulating speculative capital markets
greenball Obituaries: Elsie Locke, Rob Steven, Fraser Burridge, and the Christine Clarke case
greenball Cheques: Taking Control list server: ABC is on the web: CAFCA needs more donations: Get your Roger Award 2001 nominations in

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