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Submissions due: Immigration Bill 2007

October 2007

Update: 11 October - thanks to the efforts of the Human Rights Foundation, the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee has today extended the deadline for submissions on the Immigration Bill by three weeks - the new closing date is Friday, 2 November.

The Immigration Bill was introduced in parliament on 8 August and had its first reading on 16 August, where it was supported by all the political parties except for the Maori Party and the Greens. The Bill will be considered by the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee. There are three parts to the action alert below:

Analysis and comment on the Bill

This section has links to information about the content of the Immigration Bill and the problems with it, the Attorney General's advice on its consistency with the Bill of Rights Act, where you can get a copy of the Bill, the Hansard record of the first reading debate, and the list of members of the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee.