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Statement from Coalition of Women for a Just Peace

1 Dec 2000

We, Israeli and Palestinian women, citizens of Israel, activists for peace and representatives of a large number of women's organizations in Israel, have agreed to the following principles for solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at a meeting of the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace in Nazareth on 29 November 2000:

1. An end to the occupation.

2. Establishment of the state of Palestine side by side with the state of Israel based on the 1967 borders.

3. Recognition of Jerusalem as the shared capital of two states.

4. Israel must recognize its responsibility for the results of the 1948 war, and find a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.

5. Opposition to the militarism that permeates Israeli society.

6. Equality, inclusion and justice for Palestinian citizens of Israel.

7. Equal rights for women and for all residents of Israel.

8. The full involvement of women in negotiations for peace.

9. Social and economic justice for Israel's citizens, and integration in the region.

The Coalition of Women for a Just Peace call upon all women who affirm these principles -- Jews, Palestinians, and others -- to join us in a mass rally, vigil, and march through the streets of Jerusalem on Friday, December 29. Mark this date in your calendars. More information will be coming.

This rally is critical in our campaign to promote these views and influence the positions of candidates for election in Israel. If you cannot come, but want to support this event materially and otherwise, please contact Gila Svirsky at or Hannah Safran at

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