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No prison for Ngawha

  • Save Ngawha: why we refuse the desecration of Ngawha - leaflet with background information, contact details and how you can help.

  • Prison project slip-ups anger MP, Northern Advocate (Whangarei), 1 August 2003
  • Noho rangimarie / peaceful occupation! updates, ongoing
  • When will Ngawha prison cost too much? Nandor Tanczos, 5 November 2002
  • A Trail of Broken Promises, Toi Maihi , 5 October 2002
  • Updated: Act now for Ngawha! PMA , ongoing
  • Review of Ngawha decision?, 19 September 2002
  • Reprieve for Ngawha prison opponents, NZ Herald, 13 September 2002
  • Act now for Ngawha! PMA, 15 August 2002
  • Photos from Wellington Ngawha support protest on 19 August, PMA
  • Nandor to support Ngawha demonstrators, Green Party, 18 August 2002
  • Ngawha protests on Monday 19 August: Kaikohe, Auckland and Wellington, PMA, 14 August 2002
  • Mercury levels rising! what you can do, PMA, 3 July 2002
  • New! Radio interview with Riana WiHongi, Aotearoa Live
  • Video footage from the original arrests at Ngawha, Aotearoa Live
  • Nandor speaks at Ngawha: no more new prisons and justice that works, Nandor Tanczos, 11 July 2002
  • Ngawha Protests in Wellington: report and photos, Aotearoa Educators / PMA, 3 July 2002
  • Ngawha prison opponents battle on, Northland (INL), 21 June 2002
  • Occupation of Department of Corrections, Statement from Nga Taitamariki ki o Nga Puhi, 13 June 2002
  • Prison protesters prepare for court, Northern Advocate, 11 June 2002
  • Mercury risk rising, say prison opponents, Northland (INL), 10 June 2002
  • Letter to Helen Clark, Te Piringa o Nga Kaumatua Ki Mangere, 6 June 2002
  • Farms Not Jails: Citizens Say No to More Dog Cages, Te Karere Ipurangi, 5 June 2002

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