What's on at Te Papa
these school holidays

"Mum, look! thereís blood dripping from that thumb print"

"yes dear, thatís what happens when the people
who profit from bloodshed and death come to our place"

Te Papa is a place of wondrous treasures, of knowledge, learning and fun. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, the NZ companies who manufacture and export weapons, weapons components, shoot to kill training equipment, and who otherwise profit from armed conflict and war, will be having their 5th annual get together at Te Papa.

The NZ government supports and promotes the expansion of weapons, and weapons related, production and export; they see "tremendous potential for future export growth of New Zealand's successful and diverse defence technologies industry" (Tradenz press release, 14 Nov 2001).

Join the protests: 5pm to 6pm, on the Te Papa forecourt
Tuesday, 1st and Wednesday, 2nd October

Last year the police guarded the sensitive 'defence' producers and exporters and their political friends to such an extent that they were not even allowed to catch a glimpse of our banners with their very dangerous messages such as 'Support welfare not warfare' ( report ) . . .

So while these will be peaceful protests, they will be noisy - bring a drum, or something to bang - if they can't see us, then let them hear us!

Note to overseas readers: Te Papa Tongarewa: 'Our place' is Aotearoa/New Zealand's national museum, with conference facilities, in Wellington. Their logo is a stylised thumb print.

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