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Did you know that the New Zealand government:

  • promotes and supports NZ companies involved in military and weapons related production and export,
  • has contracts with companies involved in nuclear weapons production and deployment overseas, and
  • allows government funds such as the ACC and the Superannuation Fund to invest in overseas corporations producing a range of offensive weapons systems?

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About No WARP!

    Every day, on average, global military expenditure amounts to almost $4.8 billion (US$) every day (US$). Thousands of people are maimed, traumatised or killed in armed conflict and war.

    Every day, on average, close to twenty four thousand children under the age of five die from from mainly preventable causes - including lack of access to clean water, food and basic health care. To provide clean water for 2.6 billion people and save an estimated four thousand lives each day would cost just $7,000,000,000 (US$) - less than two days of global military expenditure.

    Knowing this, the New Zealand government chooses to promote and support companies who manufacture and export weapons, weapons components, and related products.

    "Defence spending was already expected to climb before the tragedy of September 11, with the on-going war against terrorism expanding the existing trends" . . .
    "While most defence contracts still go to the big prime contractors, there are opportunities for New Zealand companies to target this sector through partnering with US suppliers to the Pentagon." . . .
    "The opportunities are not just for weapons - defence is a huge customer for nearly every product - from clothing to IT to consulting services." [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Briefing to Helen Clark, see Officials urge Clark to join weapons race].

    In addition, the government refuses to stop the NZ Super Fund, ACC and other government funds investing in overseas corporations producing a range of offensive weapons systems.

    No WARP! is dedicated to campaigning for the production and export of socially useful products, not those designed to maim, kill and destroy. We are committed to non-violent ways of expressing our opposition to those who profit from bloodshed and war.

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