Spiral Trust has the following as its central objectives:

  • To provide education, creative experiences and holistic health for young people, particularly those who have an immediate need for community support.
  • To provide access to the arts, by supporting the availability of projects of merit to young people, though creation community programmes which balance physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and family wellness.
  • To set up workshops, exhibitions, performances and educational opportunities in the field of creative expression for young people.
  • To initiate and support arts projects that involve young people at risk with a wide range of participant groups and community settings.
  • To create opportunities for young people to work in arts partnerships, upholding a national vision of equal access, equal contribution, and equal recognition in all fields of creative expression.
  • To promote the philosophy that all people have a right to creative expression, to encourage the development of artistic talent through partnerships and courses, and in particular to encourage creative expression by young people.
  • To eliminate barriers to participation in the arts for young people who are currently not participating in main stream education programmes.
  • To educate people in the arts sector, community service work and the general public in the creative potential and need for creative expression inherrent to individuals and groups of young people.
  • To establish a youth positive supportive environment for the progressive and therapeutic engagement of youth in creative activities.



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