Foreign Control Watchdog 106

Foreign Control Watchdog 106
August 2004

greenball Open wide! Dr Cullen prescribes a bitter pill: more transnational control, by Murray Horton
greenball The devil is in the detail. Implications for land; Maori; foreshore and seabed, by Joe Hendren
greenball Financial reports: weapons of mass deception. Review of the Financial Reporting Act 1993, by Sue Newberry
greenball The politics of debt, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball From Toll to the dole - Australian TNC bullies its workforce, by Joe Hendren
greenball Toll: Secret deals close to the witching hour revealed, by Joe Hendren
greenball The railways is back in the running for the Roger Award, by Murray Horton
greenball Updates, by Murray Horton: Hold the front page! OIC finds Juken Nissho to be of good character
greenball Malaysian TNC given permission for Coromandel sawmill
greenball Government rubberstamps Telecom monopoly
greenball New WTO framework: a bitter war of destruction, by Gillian Southey
greenball Milking the deal. Headlong into a Free Trade Agreement with Thailand, by Christine Dann
greenball War: Trade by other means - how the US is getting a free trade agreement with Iraq without the negotiations, by Mary Lou Malig
greenball The privatisation of war, by Murray Horton
greenball Christchurch firm profits from US war in Iraq, by Murray Horton
greenball Book reviews, by Jeremy Agar: "As mothers of the land: The birth of the Bougainville Women For Peace And Freedom" edited by Josephine Tankunani Sirivi and Marilyn Taleo Havini. "Tell me lies: Propaganda and media distortion in the attack on Iraq" edited by David Miller. "Hegemony or survival: America's quest for global dominance" by Noam Chomsky.
greenball Obituaries: Fuck Ronald Reagan, by Bill Weinberg; Reagan and Marcos, the gruesome twosome; In memory of Graeme Tapper, by Murray Horton; Deaths in the family - Pat Kelly and Ngaire Duggan, by Murray Horton
greenball Cheques: please make them out correctly; Taking Control list server: new members welcome
greenball Pay rise for organiser, by Murray Horton
greenball That was then.... by Murray Horton

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