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AGM Minutes

Dawn Sanders, Loretta Lander, Libby Eglinton, Nicky Newton, Robert Ibell, Deirdre Tarrant, Song Liu, Gay Williamson, Sharon Callaghan

1. Apologies:
Ruth Highet, Russell Tregonning, Kim Crawford, City Osteopaths, Roz Wilson, Khandallah Physio, Gillian Webb, Amanda Skoog, Susan Simpson, Gill Stotter, Sharlene.

A special welcome to Gay Williamson

2. Previous Minutes:
Accepted (moved RI, seconded NN).

3. Matters Arising:
Dave Gerard (previously Chair of Sports Medicine NZ National Body) is very supportive of AMANZ

The three areas of focus for AMANZ were outlined by President, Dawn Sanders.

4. President's Report was presented by Dawn Sanders

5. Finance:
The year's income was $1495.00 with the majority of the income coming from members subscriptions and a small amount from seminars.

Outgoings: $933.52

The current balance should be $561.48, but due to the delay in acceptance of our constitution, the cheque was returned and the actual balance at 20/1/99 is $636.07.

Full report to be compiled and filed.

6. Membership:
Current members number forty-nine.

To encourage new membership, Arts Access Aotearoa has mailed out 350 AMANZ membership forms. They will also submit these to magazines and provide us with other magazine contacts.

There is also an article appearing in the NZ Doctor magazine.

AMANZ will also follow up contact with the Royal Academy of Dancing in Australia.

An invitation was extended to all at the meeting to distribute forms.

Members' Subscriptions: Reminder notices and notice of last newsletter for those who haven't paid to go out with the newsletter.

Note: New members joining three months before March will have their memberships carried over to the following year.

7. Correspondence:
Received from all over the world! Nicky Newton has approached our e-mail contacts about listing our address on their websites. Deirdre Tarrant has offered to put us on Footnote's website too. We will approach member practitioners about advertising our website on their websites. Contact Nicky by e-mail on:

We would also like to contact the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

An e-mail was received from Ruth Highet and we extend official congratulations to her for marriage and baby.

8. Constitution: It was moved that "We agree to the terminology alteration required by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies be made to our Constitution" ie that the words 'winding up' be changed to read 'cessation' (moved Nicky Newton, seconded Deirdre Tarrant).

Sharon Callaghan to make necessary changes to electronic copy of the constitution.

It was suggested that an alteration to Clause 28 (Quorum) be discussed at the next meeting.

9. Strategic Plan:
To be typed up and made available to members on request.

10. Seminars:
Afree lecture on 16 March was organised by Russell Tregonning and presented by Professor Chris Harner MD (University of Pittsburgh).

On 26 April a seminar was presented by Alison Bagnall and was recommended to all vocalists including dance teachers and aerobics instructors.

The seminar on 24 May to be presented by Elizabeth Andrews (UK, author of "Healthy Practise for Musicians") may now require two sessions. AMANZ can only be involved in one. It was suggested this evening be a combined effort with the Sports Medicine Association.

We approached Song Liu about a presentation on Arts Medicine in China. The date suggested was Monday 18 October and has yet to be confirmed.

The members' database will be checked again to identify those willing to present seminars.

Sharon Callaghan to send Dr Peter Walls a copy of the current Newsletter.

11. Media:
A report from this meeting to appear in the Dominion, Evening Post and or City Voice (Alexandra Cook), Capital Times (Frances King) and Capital Community News (Peter Candy). Also copies to the Central Library Music Desk (1st Floor).

Robert Ibell offered to be a central faxing point for media releases and to hold a list of contacts at newspapers etc. The information sent should list each seminar organiser plus Dawn Sanders.

Dawn will copy her media list to Robert also.

AMANZ should publish and distribute their list of seminars before Loretta sends the NEWZATS seminar list to the media.

11. General Business: None

12. Election of Officers:
All were nominated with acclamation and are happy to stay. Gay Williamson is also to join the Executive - welcome!

13. Date of Next Meetings:
Monday 3 May, 7.30pm at Wakefield MediFit Clinic (formerly Sports Med), Rintoul St, Newtown. Agenda will include a debrief of the previous meeting and planning for the next seminar.
Wednesday 9 June, 7.30pm, Medifit
Wednesday 18 August, 7.30pm, Medifit
Wednesday 13 October, 7.30pm, Medifit
Wednesday 15 December with Christmas Party!!

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