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Web sites Specific to Arts Medicine
Set up by Dr. Tim Jameson, Chiropractor. Lots of links, information, recommended books. US-based.
International Arts Medicine Association (IAMA) website. Good source of links, searches, etc. US-based.
Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) website. Set up in 1989 by medical practitioners; involved in research/treatment. Memberships, related sites, Journal, contacts. US-based.
Performing Arts medicine at Ithaca College (NY). Links, articles. US-based.
Click on Paul Marxhausen, then under "my bookmarks" to find the musicians and RSI website. Very informative, with descriptions of conditions/injuries, articles, links, books. US-based.
Hands On! magazine, mainly with flute health issues, but lots of links, list of Performing Artists Health Clinics in the US.
British Performing Arts Medicine Trust website. Links, descriptions of conditions.
Medicine des Arts website. Books, courses, associations, news. European based.
List of clinics, medical issues, articles, etc.
Elizabeth Andrews’ book website. Reviews of the book, ordering details, articles, links

General Medical Information
Links, articles; UK resources
Good general info site; links, search services; includes Medscape, an electronic magazine (also available at US-based.
Consultation on-line: register to join and ask physicians questions; health tips, jokes, links.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine site. US-based.
Health World on-line. Includes search services, advice, etc, for a price. US-based.
Live On-line specialists in various areas of medicine, articles, links to other US sites. Defines medical terms and procedures under Source Index (then click on Adult Health Advisor)
Medical Help International site. Patient support groups, information from medical institutions, search engine. US-based.
General information on all disorders, medical resources, list of associated websites. US-based.
Based on Feldenkrais Method; articles, tapes, books, links
Search database of Internet Grateful Med. Facility for ordering articles from medical journals. US-based.
Network of doctors from throughout the US. Articles, links.

For general RSI/OOS information:

Sorehand mailing list for OOS sufferers

Dance Websites
Australian Dance Council web site, with links, courses, publications
Dance Aotearoa New Zealand web site, with articles, links, etc


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