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Newsletter Issue 8 No 1,  February 1999
Solar '98 Conference -
'Creating the Right Climate' 

Indoor Air Quality

Living Sustainably

Book Reviews

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Editor: Clyde Lambourn
Sub-editor & web layout: Ruth

Contributions: Alan Daniell,
John le Harivel, Viola Palmer,

Simon Prout

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ATLA Name Change

Yes! We've finally gone and done it! For a number of years ATLA members have been growing increasingly uncomfortable with our full name ie. the Alternative Technology and Lifestyle Association. Reasons ranged from a perception of outdated navel-gazing hippies of independent means, to trendy surface scratchers.

After much argument and deliberation we settled on the 'Appropriate Technology for Living Association'. This, we felt, most nearly defined our objectives and reason for being. It also meant we could keep our familiar acronym ATLA and not have to change our constitution. Our official logo stays the same, but with the appropriate wording around the symbol. Whew!

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A few words from the President…

Hi everyone. Greetings for the New Year and especially a warm welcome to new members.

One of the joys of editing ATLA News is that I get to preview the articles before we go to print. I enjoy the new information I read and the personal slant our contributions relate. The differing writing styles are also refreshing.

This month we start with an excellent overview of the '98 Solar Conference by Simon Prout - our man on the spot! What he reports on conference content is encouraging. What he hints at in Government response and participation is dishearteningly predictable.

Next, green architect John le Harivel outlines the problem of indoor air quality, commonly referred to as 'toxic, or sick building syndrome'. He mentions health symptoms and lists unhealthy working and living conditions. Importantly, he lists commonly used chemicals and their effects on our bodies. Finally he mentions that there are alternative products available, and hopefully a future article will list them.

In another article, John le Harivel reminds us of our responsibility to incorporate 'sustainability' into our everyday living, even as individuals, to combat environmental problems resulting from our 'modern urban lifestyle'. He lists ways we can each play our part.

Two 'must read' book reviews follow. Viola Palmer reviews 'Global Spin', by Sharon Beder, who outlines how the corporation market ethic undermines the environmental movement.

Alan Daniell reviews 'DNA is Here to Stay' by Dr Fran Balkwill, a 30-page "very very best…I have ever read" science book that a 9 year old can understand. Could this 9 year old be his daughter, Bianca?

At a recent committee meeting we decided that the ATLA News would in future coincide with the Spring Equinox (late September), Summer Solstice (late December), Autumn Equinox (late March) and Winter Solstice (late June). Deadlines for contributions will usually be the last day of the previous month. The next issue will come out in Autumn, at the end of June.

Looking forward to your continued support, and wishing you all the best for 1999.


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